How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Car Rental App Like Ekar?

Cost To Develop A Car Rental App Like Ekar

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Car Rental App Like Ekar?

Convenience and faster mode of service delivery as core benefits, on-demand mobile apps are witnessing tremendous growth in this digital era. In particular, on-demand food delivery and car booking apps have higher scope in the global markets.

In the markets like UAE, mobile app downloads have witnessed 23% of growth in the first six months of 2022. The surge is majorly derived from FinTech apps, entertainment apps, communication apps, food apps in the UAE, and on-demand travel apps.

As the demand for mobile apps grows from smartphone users, organizations in the country are switching to mobile app development to deliver smart services and increase user experiences.

Today, through this article, we would like to give a complete guide to on-demand car rental app development. Since car rental apps in the UAE are in trend, your investments in application development will be appreciated over time. Herein, you can find the details about the must-have features of an Ekar-like car rental application and also walk through the cost of car rental app development.

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What Is Ekar App and How Does Ekar App Works?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Car Rental App Like Ekar

With a vision to transform the way, people of UAE access transportation, a leading self-drive mobility company- Ekar fz LLC launched a mobile app in 2015 in Dubai. Ekar’s car rental platform soon emerged as the best customer-friendly solution to rent a car in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and pay per-minute, daily, or weekly basis as per their need.

Today, the Ekar app has evolved as one of the top car rental apps in the UAE, Middle East. The business model of Ekar-like car rental applications in the UAE is quite interesting and revenue-driven. On-offering free fuel, insurance, and parking services, Ekar mobile apps are gaining the attention of over 500,000 users in the country.

The car rental app like Ekar’s user-friendly features like quick signup, free parking areas, hassle-free online payments, ride updates and notifications on bookings, alerts on rides, etc., are the core reasons behind the success of the mobile application in the UAE.

The services of Ekar have been expanded beyond Dubai. Now, Android and iPhone smartphone users across Riyadh, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah can book a range of cars on rental with ease. The app allows users to rent a car instantly and make their journey safe and convenient. Hence, the development of Android/iPhone apps like Ekar will offer stunning business benefits in this digital era.   

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    Must-Have Features Of Top Car Rental App Like Ekar Clone App

    Before finalizing the list of mobile app features, do thorough research and make sure to add as unique as customer-friendly features to your application. Because the features and functionalities will decide your app’s success rate. However, the set of features that you add will impact the final cost of a car rental app like Ekar development.

    Here are a few significant features that you must add to the Ekar clone app for getting a million downloads in a short time.

    Car Rental App Features For Riders:

    • Device-friendly app size
    • Quick installation and signup processes
    • Easy registration with two or three credentials
    • Social media login facility
    • Multi-factor authentication functionality for ensuring high-level security
    • Customized ride options
    • Vehicle availability tracking
    • Automatic rate calculation tools
    • In-app payment facilities
    • Real-time car location tracking
    • Find a parking space option
    • User account and language setting option
    • Ride History and instant re-book option

    Car Rental App Features For Drivers:

    • Driver signup and registration
    • User rides management (Pickup/Cancel)
    • Location tracking functionality
    • Shortest route navigation feature
    • Order history
    • Payment status and history

    Car Rental App Features For Admins

    • User Management
    • Vehicle availability tracking and management
    • Driver management
    • Booking Traffic Management
    • Payments tracking and management
    • Content management
    • Deals and discounts management
    • Dashboard for viewing orders, payments, and current status
    • User feedback management etc. 

    These are must-have features you must add to Ekar-like car rental mobile app for Android or iPhone.

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     Which Technology Stack Is Best For Ekar-like Car Rental App Development?

     The performance and execution of a car rental app like Ekar will be based on technologies and tools that mobile app developers used in the development process. Using the most trending app development technologies, robust SDK, and most-encrypted payment gateways, you can keep building a unique car rental app and keep it away from the clone world.

    Being one of the top #mobile app development companies in Dubai, Middle East, our mobile app developers make use of a powerful technology stack and create robust custom mobile apps on Android and iOS.

    • Most-used programming languages for Native Android Car Rental App development- Kotlin, Java
    • Most-used programming languages for Native iOS Car Rental App Development- Swift and Objective C
    • Most-used programming languages for Cross-platform Car Rental App development- Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native
    • Tools/Frameworks used for App Development- Android and iOS SDKs
    • Database: MongoDB and MailChimp
    • Notifications: Twilio
    • Storage: AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure
    • Payments: PayPal, E-wallet, and Third-party Integrations

    How Much Does It Cost For Ekar-like Car Rental App Development?

    The cost of Ekar clone app development will depend on the list of features and functionalities that we discussed till yet. Besides, the development cost of Ekar-like the best car rental app in UAE will also depend on the technology stack that you choose for developing the Ekar clone app.

    Further, the region, team size, and hourly rate of the mobile app development agency that you hire will also be a significant cost-impacting factor of car rental app development like Ekar. For instance, top mobile app development companies in the USA will charge from $130 to $200 and above per hour. Whereas, leading mobile app developers in India will take between $60 and $100 based on their experience and brand value in the market.

    Hyena- a leading mobile app development agency in UAE has proven hands in the design and development of on-demand service delivery apps like Ekar. We estimate that the cost of an Ekar-like trending car rental application in the UAE will range from $45,000 to $95,000 for a basic application.

    The car rental app development cost might be between the estimated ranges or goes beyond based on your application complexity and your business requirements.

    Don’t be afraid if the development cost of the Ekar clone application will reach $150+. Adding an in-app chatbot, location tracking capabilities, and speech recognition functionalities will all increase the cost of mobile application development. But, trust us such features will add value to your new mobile app.

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      How To Make Money From Ekar-like Car Rental Application Development?

      Mobile app developers or application owners should strategically implement application monetization techniques for commercializing free-to-download subscription-based mobile apps. Here are the best mobile app monetization models that you can implement in your Ekar clone app to generate extra money from a free app.

      • Commission as a service model
      • Take extra money from car owners to feature their vehicles on top of the list
      • In-app advertisements (e-commerce or online shopping ads)

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      Final Words 

      The car-sharing rental app like Ekar is gaining momentum in the UAE’s on-demand mobile app industry. Car rental app development will assist vendors and car owners in creating a profitable way for generating revenues without any hassle.

      Get budget-friendly and best-in-class on-demand app development services from Hyena and scale your online business. We are a leading Android app development company in UAE. We are also recognized as the top iPhone app development company in Dubai with our reliable and transparent app development services.

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