How Much Does it Cost to Build An App like Lenskart?

How Much Does it Cost to Build An App like Lenskart

How Much Does It Cost to Build An App like Lenskart?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An AR App Like Lenskart?

You might ask yourself this question if you have plans to create a Lenskart clone app. The cost of Lenskart-like a popular online spectacles delivery app will cost as low as $20,000 to $50,000+.

If you are in plans to build an eyewear delivery app like Lenskart, Hyena- a top mobile app development company is here. Our mobile app development consultants have estimated this price based on considered a few significant factors such as application type, application platform, design, custom mobile app development methods, and other hidden expenses.

Today, in this article, we would like to guide businesses who are looking ahead for top app developers in India to create Lenskart clone apps. We are here with a bunch of the most useful information related to Lenskart app features, functionalities, and why the credibility has been increasing across all operating locations.

Let’s start with our session with a crunchy description of the Lenskart mobile app. 

What Is Lenskart App?

Cost To Develop An AR App Like Lenskart


Lenskart is one of the biggest eyeglasses delivery apps in India. It is the best online platform for buying a range of trendy and premium quality prescription eyeglasses, sunglasses, blue light-blocking computer glasses, and contact lenses for men, women, and children online.

Driven by the availability of over 10,000 frames and trendy & durable eyewear products, Lenskart is recognized as India’s #no.1 eyewear app for online shopping. Being a popular goggles/Premium Eyewear Glasses and premium brand, today, Lenskart mobile application has become the leading on-demand e-commerce store for shopping various types of eyeglasses from the best sellers.

Currently, the app has over ten million downloads from Google Play Store and another million downloads from the iPhone app store. As of 2022, the company has 500 retail stores in around 70 Indian cities, and its online services are available across the country.

Coolwinks, LensBazaar, and Vision Express are all a few best alternative mobile apps to the Lenskart app.

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     How Does Lenskart App Works?

    The process of using the Lenskart mobile app is user-friendly and simple. The app allows users to select the perfect glasses for them as per their needs. They can choose prescription eyeglasses Contact Lenses, or polarized sunglasses from the best sellers and buy online conveniently.

    Since the Lenskart app was developed using Face Analysis, Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D Try On tools and features, people can upload/take photos to try the glasses and buy the perfect one that suits their faces. Further, the Lenskart mobile application uses a precise robotic technique to optimize eyewear quality and minimize errors in the manufacturing process.

    Hassle-free online payments, order tracking in real-time, and push notifications are other user-friendly features that are increasing the uniqueness of the Lenskart app from the clone apps world.

    On top of all other features, the app allows users to book an eye check service at home. Hence, Lenskart-like, a trending online e-commerce store, assists people in booking check appointments for an eye checkup and selecting prescription glasses as per the vision readings.

    Overall, Lenskart is the best online mobile app in India for shopping a range of eyeglasses on the go. It’s Artificial Intelligence in-app chatbot assistant and AR-powered virtual trial features added value to the application and increased the level of comfort and app experiences of the mobile users.    

    Must-have Features Of E-commerce Apps or Online Eyeglasses delivery App Like Lenskart 

    The popularity of Lenskart Android/iPhone apps in India is increasing day by day with it’s the company running its online business successfully. Making use of AI and AR like the most advanced technologies and automation tools, the app has set a benchmark in the online prescription eyewear retail industry.

    Significant Customer Panel Features 

    • Simple sign-up using Email Id, mobile number, or social media accounts
    • Search facility for exploring thousands of frames using custom filters and various eye wear categories such as Blue lenses, contact lenses, sunglasses, prescription optical, and so on.
    • Add to cart and Favorites features for making user online shopping smooth and hassle-free
    • AR-enabled 3D virtual try-on feature for virtually trying the glasses
    • Online Payments and Cash On Delivery facility for improving user convenience and app experiences
    • E-wallet integration for assisting the user in making payments faster
    • Order tracking facility
    • Order history feature to provide better visibility into previous purchases
    • Notification center to stay on top of new listings and other offers from Lenskart
    • Profile management feasibility
    • Deals, discounts, and membership benefits will increase the application download and user satisfaction levels.
    • Automatic location pinning facility for adding addresses without any hassle.
    • Easy return or exchange policies
    • Add an in-app store locator feature to assist users in navigating to Lenskart stores with ease.

    These are all top features that must add for designing and developing a customer panel for the Lenskart clone app.

    Let’s look at the must-have features of the Lenskart mobile app for the design and development of the Admin panel.

    Lenskart mobile app admin panel features

    • User Management

    This feature allows admins to manage Android and iPhone users effectively and process their profile management requests smoothly

    • Stock Management

    This feature of Lenskart let admin manage and better maintain the trending collections of sunglasses, prescription eyewear products, eye-protecting blue lenses, etc as per the market demand.

    • Order Management

    This admin-friendly feature is a must to integrate into the Lenskart clone app for better managing orders and their delivery status updates.

    • Invoice and Payments Management

    Safe and secure payment processing is one of the most important factors for enhancing the application’s reliability and user loyalty. This feature allows admins to better monitor invoices and payment details.

    • Content Management

    This feature will assist admins in optimizing the content quality and improving its visibility to boost conversions. It allows admins to upload product information, manage user data, and add/delete/edit product data.

    • Deals and Offers Management

    Lenskart is a single vendor e-commerce app for shopping for eyeglasses from Lenskart. Based on the company’s latest offers and discounts, admins can update the details through this feature.

    • Dashboard & Reports and Analytics

    Admins can view the sales pipeline and will get notifications about financials and business progress.

    Why Hyena For Online Eyeglasses Delivery App Like Lenskart?

    Backed with 20+ years of experience and seasoned mobile app developers, we provide the best mobile app development services. Hyena ensures integrity and transparency with clients throughout the mobile app development process and delivers an ultimate Android and iOS application that meet your business needs.

    Being one of the biggest and award-winning on-demand mobile app development companies in India, we build robust Android and iOS mobile apps like Lenskart. Our experience in using cutting-edge app development technologies like AI, ML, and AR, will help us build innovative app solutions on Android and iPhone platforms.

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    Bottom Line

    If you are looking to invest in Lenskart-like e-commerce app development, firstly, you need to hire a top mobile app development company that understands the objective and vision of your project. Hyena is the best mobile app development company in India and USA. Our professional app developers and UX/UI designers will build software apps for Android and iOS.

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