The Role Of AI Software Applications In Sales Is Unbeatable

Future Of AI For Sales

The Role Of AI Software Applications In Sales Is Unbeatable

Today, this article is about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology will support sales teams to reach their targets and improve operational brilliance. Firstly, we will look at the definition of Artificial Intelligence AI technology.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

AI is a novel automation technology used for building software applications that empower systems or machines to think and perform like humans. AI streamlines regular or repetitive work processes and improves productivity with minimum human intervention.

AI software apps simulate human intelligence and make business-friendly decisions faster and easier. Hence, a business can create more beneficial sales strategies from the insights derived by the Role of AI software and optimize their revenue flows.

The Adoption Of AI Use Cases In This Digital Era

We can now find the AI use cases in all corners of today’s digital environment. From smart home automation applications and personal digital voice assistants to customer support in-app AI chatbots and voice-enabled speakers, AI is everywhere.

AI adoption in organizations across healthcare, retail, banking, financial, manufacturing, communications, and technology industries is growing at a rapid pace. The biggest brands, mid-size companies, and surprisingly startups are also heavily investing in AI software application development to stand at the forefront of this digital world.

Though the use of machine learning, neural networks, and robotics like key AI technologies is increasing across product-based manufacturing companies, the implementation of natural language processing, computer vision, predictive analytics is gaining momentum across service-specific companies.

For instance, the best mobile app development service providers are using AI’s NLP and predictive analytics capabilities to create futuristic and next-generation native apps (Android & iOS). The AI development companies, at their client’s request, integrate AI power into mobile applications and assist brands to deliver high-level services to their audience 24*7.

Similarly, manufacturing like product-based industries are using AI’s Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Deep Learning technologies in automating their production environment and accomplishing repetitive tasks more efficiently and perfectly. ML algorithms and predictive analytics technologies are giving more insights into product prototype, demand, and estimated price growth like valuable factors and helping companies run on a positive profit scale.

Moreover, healthcare like the prominent industry is also heavily investing in AI applications for delivering instance healthcare services and improving patient outcomes. From online appointments and video consulting services to minimally invasive robotic surgery and telemedicine services, revolutionizing AI technology has its intervention.

Driven by such a huge AI investment and embracement, the global revenues generated from AI software applications are kept on rising and the opportunities for AI in the market are untouchable in 2022 and the years ahead. Here is a pictorial representation of the growth of global AI revenues from 2018-to 2025.

global ai revenue

The above figure depicts that AI software is expected to roll out across the global markets aggressively. The revenues are forecasted to increase from USD 34.9 billion in 2021 to USD 126.1 billion by 2025, with an average annual growth rate of 8.2%.

Being the best mobile app development company, we suggest companies come front and invest in AI development to accelerate digital transformation in your business processes and grab the benefits of AI software applications.

Now, we will look at how AI app development will help the sales division of organizations to streamline their processes, increase lead conversion rates and contribute to the targeted sales.

The Need For AI In Sales

Whether you are in the banking sector, manufacturing sector, or retail sector, every organization will have an internal sales team. They will pay attention to customer conversion and contribute to the organization’s financial growth. Sales teams have to do frequent follow-ups with the hot leads to make customers purchase their products or services.

But, the sales tactics and methodologies have changed. According to reports, 55 out of 100 organizations are using AI and enjoying high sales performance. They are witnessing improved internal sales processes and customer experiences.

Confidentially, the organizations stand on a statement that AI has offered them a path to augment their sales capabilities, reach more customers, enhance overall sales performance.

To stay forefront of the digital competition, businesses across diversified industries must have to adopt Artificial Intelligence in sales and need to use conversational AI Chatbots at the fullest to provide instant responses to prospects.

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    The Use Cases Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Sales


    Till now, we’ve come to a few applications of AI in healthcare, manufacturing, and mobile app development services. Now, we will look at how AI plays a vital role in sales automation and how AI will boost in increasing the productivity of the sales team.

    Use Cases Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Sales

    Top 5 AI Applications For Sales

    1. AI In Sales For Forecasting Sales

    The use of Artificial Intelligence in sales helps sales teams automatically accurately predict upcoming sales performance. It would happen through analyzing the previous demand for specific products, pipeline data, and closed leads data. AI software applications offer insights into product/service demand in the future and help companies stay tuned with the market trends for generating high profits.

    1. AI In Sales For Lead Generation, Sorting, and Prioritization

    AI software in sales will help the sales team better prioritize which leads to considering and which leads are near to close the deals. AI-powered systems can analyze thousands of sales records faster in seconds and determine which prospects are likely to buy their products. It will improve the lead generation process.

    1. AI Automates Sales Processes

    Here CRM (Customer Relationship Management) comes into the picture. AI-enabled CRM software will synchronize a vast set of prospects data stored on different devices and help sales representatives track their pipeline.

    AI systems will further move a step in automating sales processes. The AI software can also assist representatives in how to respond to a particular lead based on their project requirements.

    Another advantage of using AI in sales is AI-powered sales digital assistant and online appointment scheduling software can monitor sales conversations, recommends specific calendar dates, and send meeting invitations automatically to your prospects.

    AI-based voice-controlled assistants can also read emails schedule meetings. Hence, sales chatbot development can better engage your audience and increase sales percentage.

    1. AI For Guiding In-Store Customers 

    The applications of AI in improving sales are incredible. AI robotic applications are widely used inside stores. These smart and intelligent AI robots are assisting customers in finding their products and helping retail stores in monitoring the availability of the product in rags.

    1. AI In Sales For Price Optimization

    AI technology is also increasingly used for developing applications that focus on improving sales performance management. AI applications, using machine learning-based dynamic pricing tools, well analyze information related to the particular product price and assist marketing and sales divisions in offering the best price to their products and improving sales.

    AI-powered analytic solutions would also help companies to estimate the growth of product demand in a particular market and help organizations clutch sales opportunities.

    role of AI

    What Does Hyena’s AI Solution For Sales Offer You?

    • Nearly 50% of leads count will be increased
    • No calls anymore. AI in sales can reduce call time by 80% and help sales representatives focus more on productivity
    • 65% of the costs spent on human sales representatives can be reduced.
    • Data-driven insights derived from our AI solution would optimize your sales tactics and maximize overall profits
    • NLP-powered sales apps respond quickly to customer queries and never let them shuffle off to your competitors.
    • AI apps the best useful resources for making efficient pricing strategies
    • Demand forecasting is a major objective of AI solutions delivered by Hyena
    • Automate and Augment end-to-end sales processes

    The Future Of AI For Sales

    Artificial Intelligence in sales and marketing is not yet fully rolled out. It might be cost concerns or unaware of AI benefits in sales operations the use of technology is just between 55-60 ranges. But, 2022 and the year ahead would be promising for AI adoption and implementation in sales processes.

    It is estimated that nearly 95% of businesses are on their way to using the full potential of AI for forecasting sales, prioritizing prospects, email campaigns, and dynamic price predicting. The AI future would be promising.

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