How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Glovo?

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Glovo

Glovo Clone App: How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Glovo?

In this digital space, on-demand delivery services are hot topics across the industries. There are various Android and iPhone apps that get products or offer services directly to/from our doorsteps.

Fortunately, we have grocery apps, marketplace apps, cab booking apps, food delivery apps, medicine delivery apps, courier delivery apps, and on-demand car care services apps. These kinds of apps are very much useful for us to meet the all desired needs instantly.

Driven by the increasing demand and download percentage of mobile apps, organizations are launching innovative applications in app stores every day. In particular, the number of mobile app submissions to app stores is unbelievable during the COVID lockdowns.

The brands are gaining immense business opportunities by giving online access to their products and services during the pandemic. This is not only improving their sales metrics but also allowing them to increase the number of customers seamlessly.

Today, we would like to talk about features and development cost details of on-demand delivery apps like Glovo. The development of a versatile delivery app like Glovo will offer you a lot of business opportunities.

Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Swiggy, Foodpanda, Talabat, Fetchr, and Careem are creating a buzz in the on-demand delivery service industry. It is the right time to evolve as a leader in the on-demand service industry through Glovo clone apps development.

Firstly, we will look at a brief overview of the Glovo-like popular on-demand delivery app.  

About Glovo- The Best Food, Grocery, Medicine, and Parcel Delivery App

Glovo is a Spanish company that is engaged in offering top-notch safe and fastest delivery services beyond food and groceries. It is one of the most downloaded and most popular delivery apps that have reported over 30 million installs yet.

This trending on-demand delivery application is available to download from Google Play Store (for Android) and the Apple app store (for iPhone users).

The app allows users to order food and groceries from top-rated restaurants and supermarkets within minutes. Users can explore nearby food courts and supermarkets or pharmacies to order their needs and get them at their doorsteps.

On top of it, the application is popularizing with its courier delivery services. It means users can send or purchase products and opt for pickup and safe delivery within the city. Quick delivery is guaranteed by Glovo.

It was incorporated in 2015 and headquartered in Spain. It also become the best Android and iOS delivery service app for people in Italy, Romania, Georgia, Poland, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, and many more countries across Europe and Africa.

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If you are looking to create a similar app like Glovo, you must read the below session. We have captured a few best features of on-demand delivery apps.

Glovo-like popular food delivery applications are grabbing the attention of users with their simple yet user-centric features and functionalities.

Take a look at the best features of the Glovo-like instant delivery app.

Glovo Features Are The Reasons For Its Success  

Glovo-like top online food order and delivery app has a bunch of user-friendly features. App features are the biggest reason behind its aggressive expansion into the global markets. If you are looking ahead to developing a Glovo clone app, here are a few features that you must add to your new delivery app.

  • Develop A Multipurpose App

If you would like to develop on-demand delivery apps, create an application that meets the versatile needs of your audience. I mean to say that instead of offering only food delivery services or only grocery delivery services, think something unique and flag off a purely profitable business model.

Give flexibility to your app users to order anything, from groceries to flowers, medicines, kitchen essentials, and delicious and freshly prepared ready-to-eat food. Glovo-like the best delivery apps for Android and iPhone (in Europe) development will allow your users to order food, groceries, medicines, beverages, household products, parcel pickup, delivery services, etc.

  • Glovo’s Simple UI Design

Glovo, one of the top on-demand delivery apps, has a simple yet attractive user interface. It let users easily access all features and functionalities that they need with one or two clicks. It will facilitate users to easily make their purchases and ensures enhanced app experiences. So, go for simple UI design and let your application go viral across app stores.

  • Quick App Access

The next thing that you must notice from the Glovo app is its simple signup and registration process. Yes. Your audience will download the application from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Once they downloaded it, the app was installed on their devices. But, remember one thing, if your delivery app is taking a too long time to install and asking for too many credentials for accessing the features, the chances of clicking on “cancel installation” are high.

Glovo asks the users to sign up with existing social IDs or gives the app accessibility by verifying the mobile number. So, design and develop a simple login page that encourages your users to fill and use the application.

  • Enter Delivery Address or Use Current Location

Glovo-like most-used online food delivery app will ask the user to enter their locations either manually or automatically. Since the app is integrated with location-tracking APIs, it will be easy to track the user’s location on maps.

Integration of food delivery apps with a real-time location tracking feature will help users to locate their current locations. This feature is useful for customers to get a list of nearby restaurants and order food from their favorite food courts.

This advanced location tracking feature also helps delivery agents easily find the routes to the customers’ addresses. On the customer’s front, location-tracking is useful for customers to enter their locations and get the list of nearby restaurants to order and get food from favorite restaurants faster.

If you build a similar food app like Glovo, you must add this user-friendly and time-saving feature.

  • Easy Search Option

It is a feature where you can take app experiences to the next level. Give your app users the flexibility to search for their favorite nearby restaurants, supermarkets, pharmacies, and shops to order online and get them at their doorsteps.

Convenient access to favorite restaurants will improve their app personalization and experiences. Glovo clone application development for Android and iPhone with Search feature is the best strategy for improving app personalization.

  • Fast Delivery

It is another best feature that is making Glovo a unique delivery platform across its operating locations. In addition to food and groceries delivery, users can order or send anything within city boundaries and ask Glovo to pick up the order and deliver it in minutes to doorsteps.

  • Hassle-free Payments

Multimode payment options help users pay for orders online quickly and smoothly. Glovo-like popular online order delivery apps allow users to pay through cards, e-wallets, COD (Cash-On-Delivery), or UPI/BHIM payments. Users can pay for online orders in convenient payment modes and enrich their app user experiences.

  • Re-order Facility

This facility will enable your users to order products that they purchased before in simple clicks. It will save the time of users in searching for restaurants or supermarkets to order products.

  • Track Order

This feature will allow your users to track their orders in real-time. Users can view the exact location of their order on in-app maps.

  • Push Notifications

It is one of the must-have features of on-demand delivery apps. This feature is helpful for vendors to send notifications on deals and offers on products. It also notifies users regarding orders, payments, and deliveries.

  • User Profile

This feature will allow app users to view order history, payment details, and other account details. So, users can check all previous orders, and payment details, and edit or delete information at any time.

  • Quality and Hygienic Delivery

The pandemic has taught us the importance of being clean. Glovo like a popular food delivery app too has adopted this trend and strives to deliver high-quality products while maintaining all protocols. If you go with food app development like Glovo, make sure of offering quality services.

Hire a top custom mobile app development company to get all these features developed and make your delivery app powerful, efficient, and user-engaging.

Food ordering and delivery apps also need a few features for restaurant module development. They are:

Significant Features For Restaurant Panel Development:  

  • Restaurant listing and profile management
  • Content uploading, editing, or deleting facility
  • Order accept or reject facility
  • Orders and payments history view on the dashboard
  • Deals and discounts management

Being the best grocery delivery app development company, our mobile app development team has listed a few must-have features that will ensure a smooth process between restaurants, riders, and customers.

Significant Features For Rider Panel Development: 

  • log in and app access
  • View, accept/reject deliveries as per their location proximity
  • Geo-location tracking in real-time
  • Push notifications
  • Orders history
  • In-app calling facility

Glovo-like on-demand delivery apps development for either Android or iOS is a pretty good thought and profitable. Hyena, the best custom application development company, can develop a similar app like Glovo with the most advanced features, but at an affordable budget.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Glovo Clone App?

The cost to build an app like Glovo will depend on your application requirements, app type, design complexity, tools and technologies used, and many more factors.

Being one of the popular mobile application development companies, we estimate the cost of an app like Glovo would be around $25,000-$35,000. But, integration of in-app maps, virtual customer support services, and live location tracking features will cost around $50,000 to $70,000.

Moreover, the cost of customized Glovo clone apps will also depend on the mobile app developers you hire. Because the app development cost per hour is different from country to country and region to region. This will also will impact the overall cost of app development price.


It’s a good time to create an on-demand delivery app like Glovo. Grow your business landscape with Glovo-like trending mobile app development. Unlock incredible opportunities by creating interactive online ordering and delivery apps.

Are you ready to grab the food apps opportunities?

Get in touch, we love to work for you!

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