How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Fetchr?

Cost To Develop An App Like Fetchr

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Fetchr?

The United Arab Emirates is becoming the center for the digital innovation and growth of mobile app development in the Middle East region. Since the number of smartphones is increasing rapidly, businesses across diversified verticals are creating user-engaging mobile apps to grab the attention of their targeted audience.

Fetchr app is one such innovation in the UAE’s online package pickup and delivery services segment. Agility, flexibility, and service reliability as core values, Fetchr is transforming the traditional supply chain models in the country.

Since its incorporation in 2012, this digital logistics platform is offering hassle-free and convenient delivery options for businesses and individuals. Forbes, the biggest American business magazine has also ranked Fetchr as the number 1 package delivery startup in the UAE, Middle East.

The mobile app is designed for providing fast and safe pickup, delivery, and return services to the people in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and other markets. This cloud-enabled application is now has become the key digital solution to meet the needs of transport and shipping of the people in all its operating locations.

Driven by its successful and reliable digital services, Fetchr is planning to extend its services to Oman, Pakistan, and Kuwait.

If you are looking ahead to the top mobile app development companies in UAE, Middle East, for creating Fetchr clone apps, this article might help you in better analyzing the features and development cost metrics. We have given a detailed guide on features, functionalities, and technology stack of Fetchr-like the most popular on-Demand Parcel Pickup and Drop App.  

Features and Functionalities of Fetchr-like The Best Pickup & Delivery App In The UAE  

Though we have stated in many articles, again would like to tell you that features and functionalities are the significant factors that decide your application’s success. Fetchr-like UAE’s leading on-demand courier delivery service app is also gained popularity for its user-friendly features and efficient performance.

Let’s have a look at the features and functionalities that you must add while developing different panels of the Fetchr clone app.

Significant Features For User Panel Development  

  • Simple Login

The design and development of the user login page must be simple and time-saving to ensure hassle-free app access to your audience. It is where Fetchr is generating thousands and lacks users from nearly 200 cities across the Middle East and other regions. So, make sure to design a simple login process to get started with your app services in a matter of minutes.

  • Easy-to-Understand and use Home Page

Fetchr is an end-to-end on-demand delivery services app in the UAE. Whether the users want to send products or pickup something or fetch money or something in return, the Fetchr-like popular pickup and delivery app suits all needs. It’s simple yet understanding User Interface (UI) allows users to select the desired service with one-touch clicks.

You can observe the simplicity on the Fetchr home page. Upon login into the application, users can select the service type and meet their designed delivery needs by sitting comfortably in their spaces.

Here is a detailed brief of each module:

  • Send module is ideal for sending parcels and gifts by adding their current location, receivers address, and choosing the payment type.
  • Fetchr with Sell module helps e-commerce players to market and deliver products and guides delivery agents to return back with cash. Not only businesses, individuals too can sell products on mutual dealings and get the amount for the products either by cash mode or online payments mode.
  • Fetch Module will be best useful for opting to pick up things from anywhere and get them delivered any time.
  • Track module involves in-app map APIS and tracks the current location of the parcels or current location of the customers.

If you are a retailer or e-commerce player, you can sell the products, deliver parcels at your customers’ doorsteps, and collect cash for deliveries all through Fetchr mobile application.

  • Fetchr App Is Enabled With GPS Tracking Facility

Fetchr-like a top parcel pickup and delivery app in Saudi Arabia uses the GPS location of the users to exactly pin the address of the sender and receiver’s locations. This advanced GPS functionality of Fetchr is making deliveries smooth and faster.

A few traditional delivery service apps mandate that users enter addresses with PIN codes. But, Fetchr-like modern and the most advanced delivery apps in UAE track the location of the users and drop orders as per scheduled dates and timings.

  • Pin Location Manually

This feature allows users to pin their current location manually. Users can set the accurate location details for pickups or deliveries using in-app maps.

  • Schedule Delivery Timings

Fetchr-like popular delivery service app UAE is offering flexibility to its users to schedule the delivery dates and timings. It is a user-friendly feature that increases app personalization and let orders drop in the hands of customer’s on-time.

It means senders or receivers can opt for time for order pickups and deliveries as they need. It is a significant feature to be added in the on-demand delivery apps to set the delivery location, date, and time.

  • Convenient In-app Payments

Fetchr-like leading on-demand package delivery service apps are offering users to pay in convenience modes. It supports cash on pickup/delivery, credit, or debit card payments. So, if you are planning for Fetchr clone app development, make sure to offer your app users the flexibility to select the payment modes.

  • Track Orders In Real-Time 

Online service delivery apps must and should offer order tracking facilities for improving app reliability and service quality. This feature allows your users to track the status of their orders or deliveries.   

  • Promo codes and Discounts

Exclusive discounts on delivery services are the biggest reason for the success of Fetchr-like most-used and most-downloaded package delivery app in the UAE, Middle East. Offer your app users promo codes and give discounts on the final cost of delivery services. This strategy will attract more audiences to your applications and increase the number of downloads.

  • Call Delivery Agents or Drivers

Fetchr gives its users an option to directly call the delivery agents or drivers upon receiving pickup confirmation details. Hence, this user-centric feature allows users to communicate or send a text to agents regarding their package deliveries and know their status.

  • Emails and Alerts

Push notifications are the core part of courier delivery apps. They play a vital role in sending information related to order/pickup confirmations, item delivery dates, payment confirmations, discounts and offers, and many more. So, this feature lets your app users stay updated with the recent activity or upcoming or scheduled activities.

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    Must-have Features For Developing Delivery Agent Panel      

     Delivery mobile apps development is not only ended with creating user-specific features. Custom mobile app developers in UAE must design features for parcel delivery agents. Such as:

    • Agent Login and profile management
    • View the delivery or fetch request details
    • Accept or reject orders based on location proximity and vehicle availability
    • In-pp map integrations that allow agents to track the user locations
    • Pickup or delivery status update feature
    • Payment updates
    • A quick email or SMS alerts

    Hurry Up! Hire the best custom mobile app development company in UAE, Middle East, and create easy-to-use features that scale-up business coordination in your delivery agents.

    All these features and functionalities make Fetchr stand out from the UAE’s online delivery apps crowd.

    Similarly, add a few features for the admin panel. Let’s take a look at what features would help the admin to manage users and delivery agents.

    Significant Features For Admin Panel Development

    • Like the customer and agent panel, the admin also requires quick login and profile management feature
    • User profile management
    • Delivery agent profile management
    • Order requests management
    • User/delivery agent Privacy requests management
    • Service type management
    • Content management facility
    • Push notifications management
    • Return requests management
    • Payment type management
    • Reports and analytics view for deriving valuable business insights

    Along with all the above features, intuitive UI, location tracking API integration, best fare rates based on package weight, and zero hidden charges are all making Fetchr-like delivery apps stand out from the crowd in the Google Play and Apple app Stores.

    Hyena, the best custom mobile application development company in UAE, Middle East, will create an easy-to-view dashboard UI and allow your app admin to view all the activities without any hassle.

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    How Will Pick-up & Delivery Services App Development Benefits Businesses and App Users?

    Fetchr is one of the leading parcel delivery apps for UAE’s e-commerce businesses and individuals. This mobile app is popularizing across the Middle East with its on-time deliveries and reliable fetch services.

    The mobile app is helping individuals, local merchants, and multi-national e-commerce players in delivering products to the customer’s locations safely.

    The best thing about Fetchr is that it is developed using Artificial Intelligence and machine learning techniques. Its tech-powered GPS-based delivery system help users automatically pin their current locations and at the same time navigates delivery agents to track the exact location of the users. Hence, the Fetchr app ensures faster and more efficient services and increases brand value among your rivals.

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    On the other hand, its user-friendly features help your audience select the type of service they want and send packages or gift parcels to their friends or family members anytime from anywhere.

    Overall, Fetchr mobile application is a technology innovation that strives to provide the most secure pickup and delivery services. It helps customers in sending parcels on time and helps businesses/e-commerce players to deliver products to the customer’s doorsteps faster.

    Fetchr-like on-demand delivery app solution will surely benefit businesses in staying in line with the digital move and grabbing its opportunities.

    Apart from all these advantages, Fetchr-like package delivery mobile application development help businesses to collaborate with multi-national e-commerce brands, local companies, and startups. There is a huge potential for Fetchr clone apps in the global market.

    Are you looking to develop a successful Fetchr-like mobile app, then hire a leading Mobile App Developer in Dubai to create a replica of Fetchr on your desired platform.

     How Much Does It Cost for Fetchr Clone App Development?

     The cost of Fetchr clone app development will range from $35,000 to $55,000 with basic pickup and delivery features. App development platform, app nativity, design (UX/UI), technology stack, features, functionalities, and application development and marketing region will all influence the overall app development cost.

    Accordingly, app testing and maintenance and support services will also add an extra amount to the estimated cost of native/hybrid mobile applications.

    Hyena, the best mobile app development company in Dubai, Middle East, can estimate the accurate price of the Fetchr-like app development based on your app requirements and its vision. We are a one-stop destination for all your mobile app development needs. Being the leading mobile app development company, we create top-notch Android and iOS apps and commit to delivering your application on time.

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     Fetcher-like, a famous delivery app development, will ensure a lucrative online business since the demand for online pickup and delivery services is increasing rapidly. The future for the Fetchr-like mobile apps development is extremely promising, and the businesses can grab the online delivery opportunities of UAE and other Middle Eastern markets.

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