How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fashion & Beauty App Like Boutiqaat?

Cost To Develop A Fashion & Beauty App Like Boutiqaat

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fashion & Beauty App Like Boutiqaat?

Boutiqaat is a trending e-commerce mobile app in the Middle East. It is launched in the Middle East region in 2015. The app connects people to the best premier Fashion & Beauty Brands and offers an outstanding online shopping experience. It sells a range of products across fashion, makeup, accessories, glasses, perfumes, footwear, etc., from picked from 800+ premium international brands.

The best part of the top e-commerce Boutiqaat App for Android and iOS is it connects people with the Middle East’s (Gulf and Arab nations) top celebrities and influencers. Hence, through the app, users can get personalized buying recommendations and fashion tips instantly.

The app ensures seamless experiences on Android and iPhone operating systems. It also delivers superior performance on desktop/windows OS. 

Why Is Boutiqaat The Most Trusted Beauty And Fashion App In The Middle East? 

  • The latest & trendiest products from top brands
  • Simple yet easy-to-understand application design
  • Products from Makeup For Limecrime, Ever, Shiseido, The Balm, etc., are making the application more reliable
  • A community of over 600 famous celebrities and social media influencers
  • Availability of a variety of products and instant buying and payment facilities
  • Makeup tutorials and beauty tips from an expert and most famous celebrities and fashion gurus
  • Unlimited access to the latest trends in the middle-east beauty care and fashion industry
  • The flexible Cash On Delivery feature allows users to pay for their orders once they receive their package. This feature also increases the trust in your brand.

Hence, this popular mobile e-commerce application brings brands, customers, and celebrities into a single platform. Currently, it has reported over one million downloads and has got Second top category rank in Kuwait’s beauty and cosmetics industry. All its features and convenient functionalities are increasing its popularity and customer in Kuwait and other Middle Eastern regions.

Since the online fashion and beauty care industry is witnessing sharp growth, on-demand shopping apps like Boutiqaat will have a good scope in the coming years. This article will give you a guide on the required features to develop a trendy online fashion & beauty app like Boutiqaat and How much it Costs to Develop an App like Boutiqaat.

Knowing key features and the cost of Boutiqaat clone app development will be more useful for an organization who are in plan to develop a Fashion & Beauty app Like Boutiqaat.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Fashion & Beauty App Like Boutiqaat
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 Top Features and Functionalities That Add Value To Boutiqaat Clone App 

Must-have Features In A Fashion & Beauty Care App’s User Panel

Here are a few top features that must consider while creating a mobile app like Boutiqaat.

  • Simple Registration or Login Form for quick and hassle-free login
  • User account feature to allow app users to add or manage their account details
  • Hassle-free search functionality allows users to search for products across categories
  • Custom filters make users search faster and more accurate
  • Shopping Cart to allow online customers to add products and make invoicing faster
  • Checkout features for confirming the user orders and initiating the payment process
  • Offering multiple payment ways will make shopping apps like Boutiqaat more convenient and user-friendly. Multi payment facility allows users to pay through credit/debit cards, Net banking, COD, e-wallets, or UPI accounts.
  • Order tracking is a must-add feature in marketplace apps like Boutiqaat. With this feature, users can track the product’s delivery status.
  • The language setting is one of the top features of online shopping apps that give the user freedom to select their native language. It also enriches the app’s localization.
  • Reviews and Ratings feature to allow users to drop their feedback about their app experiences.
  • Reliable return and refund policies
  • Push Notifications to send instant alerts to the users about their recent activities or regarding offers and discounts
  • Refer & Earn programs to grab the user attention and increase app traffic
  • In-app call or chat facility for better coordination and communication between riders, customers, and brands

Top Features Of Online Shopping Apps Required For Vendor Module Development 

E-commerce or marketplace is the house for hundreds and thousands of brands. Then customer traffic management or giving flexibility to brands to generate more sales, mobile app development companies must develop vendor modules with more useful features and functionalities. Take a look at a few key features of online shopping apps for seller panel development.

  • Register, Log In, and Vendor profile account
  • Products upload or remove out-of-stock products from the list
  • Product details or content management
  • Order accept or reject Management
  • Location tracking tracks store locations to display your services to the nearby vendors
  • Updating order pickup status to the customers
  • Push Notifications to send personalized purchasing recommendations to the users.
  • AI-powered analytic feature to track the progress of the sales 

Online Shopping Apps Features For Admin Panel 

  • The user traffic and account management
  • Reseller profile management
  • Account authentication and verification to ensure secure access and block the illegal attempts
  • Product listings management
  • Orders Management
  • Delivery status management
  • In-app customer support services
  • Return or Refund request management
  • Sales analytics

Must-have Delivery Agent Features For Boutiqaat like trending beauty care products shopping app development 

Delivery agent is one of the key players in optimizing the quality of online shopping and delivery services. For better order management and picking up returns smoothly, a custom Mobile App Development Company should create best-in-class features for riders.

Being one of the top e-commerce app development companies, our marketplace app developers have proven hands in online fashion & beauty app development and have recognized the significance of adding the below features in Boutiqaat clone app development.

  • Easy sign-in process for quick application access
  • Orders accept or reject convenience
  • An easy-to-understand dashboard for viewing pick-up and delivery location details
  • Sending real-time updates on order pickups and delivery status
  • Link bank accounts for getting commissions or tips securely to the accounts
  • Location tracking facility to reach destinations faster 

Required Technology Stack For Boutiqaat Clone app development 

The technology stack that your mobile app developers use for the development of online beauty care product shopping apps like Boutiqaat plays an essential role in creating a robust application. A flawless e-commerce app development needs the right combination of development languages, UI frameworks, SDKs, debugging tools, databases, storage, etc.

  • Android App Development: Java and Kotlin
  • iOS app development: Swift and Objective C
  • Web App Development: React, Redux, Node Js, Django, and spring
  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MYSQL
  • Real-time app analytics: Big data
  • Payment Gateways: PayPal
  • Push Notification: Twilio and Firebase
  • Cloud Storage and Infrastructure: AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and docker
  • In-app chat assistance: AI Chatbot
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How Much Does It Cost to Develop An Online Shopping App Like Boutiqaat? 

The cost of an online mobile shopping application development will range from $20,000 to $50,000. However, the cost of Android app development or iOS application development depends on various factors.

Boutiqaat-like online shopping app development will be impacted by the following core reasons:

  • Mobile App Development Platform (Android, iOS, or Windows)

Application development platforms are one of the core factors that impact the cost of Boutiqaat like the Fashion & Beauty app. The online cosmetics selling app development cost will depend on the operating systems that you select.

Because, driven by app store permissions, and complexity in the process, Android mobile app development cost will greatly differ from iOS mobile application development.

Being the best online shopping app development company, our top app developers and designers builds high-quality, high-performing, and cost-effective native applications.

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    • UI Design Of Mobile Apps

    The user Interface (UI) of an Android application or iOS application or cross-platform app is one of the factors that decide the final cost of a Fashion & Beauty app Like Boutiqaat. An easy-to-understand app interface will offer hassle-free app access and better engage your audience.

    One more thing, Simple UI does not only look pretty but it is also quite inexpensive. Mobile app users should design collaborative interfaces that grab the user’s attention.

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    • E-commerce Apps Features

    A beauty care products delivery app development needs to add user-friendly and vendor-related features and functionalities to give it a big hit in the app stores. Features you integrate into the app will decide its uniqueness and measure user satisfaction level.

    Adding advanced features like AI chatbot integration, behavior tracking, CRM integration, personalized product recommendations, and demand analysis will cost you high. But, integration of such features will adds value to your application.

    • Mobile App Development Team Location and Size

    The development cost of Boutiqaat-like online shopping apps also depends on the team size and location of the mobile app developers you hire. The hourly rates of mobile app development companies in India are different from the app development agencies in the USA. In India, like countries, the average hourly cost of software development will start from $30 while it is around $100 in the USA.

    On the other side, a company with a team of custom mobile app developers, UX/UI designers, experienced app debuggers, and a quality assurance team will charge a reasonable budget. If the mobile app development agency hires third-party developers or outsources your software development project due to a lack of skills gap might cost higher amounts beyond your expectations.

    These are a few cost-impacting factors that decide the final cost of Android or iOS mobile apps.

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