How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Yalla-like Trending Voice Chat App?

Cost To Develop A Yalla-like Trending Voice Chat App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Yalla-like Trending Voice Chat App?

The mobile application development industry is a hot topic and coming up with trendy concepts to make our lives simple and convenient. From small to medium-level enterprises to multinational organizations continue to invest in mobile apps to deliver outstanding services to their audience.

Though the benefits of on-demand service delivery apps and e-commerce apps development are incredible, companies are also highly prioritizing social networking apps or social media apps to target millions of audiences at a time. Yes, Yalla- a group or private voice chat and communication app will come under this category.

The craze for Yalla social media apps is on the rise. Yalla-like the best Voice Chat Room App for Android and iPhone is deriving huge user traffic every minute. It has over 50 million app users only from Android. So, the Yalla app business model is a pretty good results-driven approach to reaching a million audience smoothly.

Yalla-like voice messaging app development is a revenue-generating idea for companies. If you are looking ahead for the best custom mobile app development company for Yalla Android/iOS app development, you are on the right web page now. In this article, we would like to walk you through the features, benefits, and costs of Yalla clone app development.

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Is Yalla a Good App?

Evidently Yes. Yalla is a great app for audio or text-based chatting over a secured platform. This popular UAE-based social media app allows users to create or join in chat rooms and communicate with hundreds of people in real-time seamlessly.

Apart from voice chatting and text commination, this most popular app also gaining popularity with its in-app gaming and live music broadcasting features. Yes, users can enter chat rooms and stream live music or play games with other people in the group. This is why the app has been crowned as one of the best entertainment apps for Android/iOS in the UAE.

Further, the Yalla business model is also attracting organizations as it allows them to collaborate with their employees and deliver views via text or audio-based messages. Hence, this trending social media platform is playing a key role in improving connectivity, productivity, and transparency. Organizational divisions can create separate chat rooms for various departments and better engage them through the Yalla application.

But, one thing the businesses and custom mobile application development companies should focus on two things. Firstly, adding the right set of user-centric features to your free group voice chatting app will attract more users and increase downloads. Secondly, top Android app development companies or iPhone app development companies need to focus on factors that impact the app development costs and give the best quote for the clients.

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So, we will look at what features will add value to your new social media application. Yalla clone app development with the below-listed features will ensure quick success and let you stay competitive in this mobile-first world.

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What Features To Consider For Building A Top Social Media Platform Like Yalla app?

Yalla voice chat app has introduced into Dubai, UAE’s market in 2016 and then continue to grab the market attention and reported millions of app downloads shortly. According to the market reports, the Yalla app generated approximately USD 67million in revenues at the end of 2021, and the voice chat feature is the primary reason behind this million-dollar business.

Would you like to know the top features behind the success of the Yalla audio social networking app?

Here are a few important features that custom mobile app developers (UAE, USA, & India) should consider while developing audio-sharing apps.

  • User-Friendly App Interface

The Yalla chat app has a very attractive and easy-to-use application User Interface (UI). It is assisting users in quickly registering and login into the application and providing quick access to features. Such simple UI and hassle-free navigation are the two topmost reasons for the popularity of the Yalla Android & iOS app. A leading native Android app development company or iOS app developers must concentrate on the app’s UI.

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    • Group Or Private Chatting Facility

    Yalla’s live voice chat app is ideal for private and public conversations. Users can create or join public chat rooms or private chat rooms and start voice conversations right from the app. It means that Yalla-like applications enable users to browse thousands of live public chat rooms that discuss trending topics.

    On the other hand, users can also create a family or friend group to send one-to-one or group text and voice messages. Overall, Yalla is the best iOS app for connecting friends or new people with the same preferences and sharing movements.

    This feature is also one of the best features of the Yalla social media app. So, mobile app development firms need to make applications more personalized to reach audience with different mindsets.

    • Chat and Fun On Same Platform

    The Yalla-like unique app works as two-in-one platform. Users can chat and play fantastic and interesting games with group members from anywhere. Users can chat and play together virtually inside a chat room with their friends, family members, or with the people they connected. This feature is making Yalla the best entertainment app for Android and iOS in the UAE.

    • Instant Social Media Sharing 

    Yalla chat app allows users to share their chat rooms on various social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and invite interested people to take a part in virtual conversations on trending topics.

    Therefore, the app’s credibility was not only permitted to either Android or iPhone, it helps to generate more downloads. So, while developing the Yalla clone app, mobile app developers must and should add this feature to increase the application’s scalability.

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    • Push Notifications

    It is one of the most beneficial features that native app developers should add while developing voice-enabled social media apps. It will help brands to better engage their app users. Brands can send current updates to users on upcoming conversations or events in the chatrooms.

    • Enable File Uploading Facility

    This feature allows app users to share photos, videos, and other documents in just one click in their chat rooms.

    • Best For Business Promotion 

    Yalla voice chat rooms app assists businesses in extending their reach and optimizing brand promotional activities. They can target a group of audiences and share their business offerings. It will increase the leads count and let organizations reach more audiences seamlessly. It is also one of the top reasons for the Yalla app’s success.     

    These are a few basic features that you must add during Yalla clone app development. The first and foremost thing is to finalize the type of social media app you want to make and add features accordingly.

    For instance, a networking app like LinkedIn development helps people to build a professional network, meanwhile, a social media app like Tinder allows people with the same preferences to connect and create relationships. So, based on the social media app or networking app type, add useful features for quick success.

     5 Things To Consider For UAE’s Popular Chat Room App Development like Yalla

    If you have doubts on how to build a voice chat app like Yalla, here is a great information about the step-by-step process of app development.

    • Step-1: Research and analyze the success rate of the app’s model 

    Whenever you have decided to develop clone apps, you must research their business model. Such market research will help a custom mobile app development company to build robust Android or iOS apps that meet client business requirements and objectives.

    • Step-2: Conclude the features that you want to add         

    Every business has a different set of services, products, goals, and objectives to clutch the attention of users. A list of features and functionalities plays a key role in measuring the success of your application. Focus on Yalla social media app features and try to add something unique features to spice up the functionalities.

    Hence, before starting the app development process, mobile app development agencies should gather the features list and develop significant modules in the initial phase. Later, add more advanced features, if needed, as per the user requirements.

    • Step-3: Select The Perfect Set Of Programming Languages, APIs, and UI Framework Tools

    Depending on the application platform, the next task for app developers is the selection of the right set of programming languages and tools. Choose the right technology stack and develop error-free apps. Choose the best and most useful integrations to make voice chatting efficient.

    • Step-4: Prototyping, App Design, Module Development, & Testing   

    App prototyping reduces the complexity of the actual design process. Hyena like expert custom mobile app designers will create flawless designs that increase the application simplicity and better engage your audience. Later, start developing the app’s module and test them thoroughly for detecting bugs and analyzing their performance,

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    • Step-5: Deployment and Maintenance

    Successfully deploying applications on Google Play Store and Apple App Stores without any restrictions is the final goal of mobile app developers and app owners. The launch of the application on the desired stores was not your final task. Performance tracking, feedback analysis, and updating features and versions are routine tasks once you deployed the app on app stores.

    • Step-6: Implement App Monetization Strategies

    What is the use of investing in mobile apps?

    Audience reach, user engagement, brand value, and accelerate digitization are all a few answers that you can say to the above question. App monetization is also one of the best answers to the above query.

    To generate rapid returns on your investments, you must add a few app monetization strategies to your application. Yalla is a fermium app and is free to downloadable from the apple app store and google play store. It also has premium versions like Yalla Premium-Patrician, Yalla Premium–Knight, and Yalla Premium– Baron, the features of premium versions can only be accessed through paid subscriptions. It is one of the general app monetization strategies.

    Further, businesses can implement in-app advertising and in-app paid promotions for generating extra revenues from the application.

    Like these, a custom mobile app development company should follow a step-by-step process for the development of Yalla or any clone app seamlessly.


    How Much Does It Cost To Develop Yalla Clone App?

    The cost to create Yalla-like trending voice-based social media app will be around $28,000 to $65,000. It is the estimated cost to develop the Yalla-Like social media platform, however, as we discussed, the final cost of mobile app development will depend on application features and the location of the app development house.

    Further, the platform on which you would like to target, either Android or iPhone or Website, will also play a role in deciding the cost of social media app development.

    Get guidance from expert app developers and know the precise cost of Yalla-like social media app development!


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