11 Best Investment Apps For Android & iOS

Investment Apps

11 Best Investment Apps For Android & iOS

Investments in shares are the best decision to save money and find immense opportunities to earn potential returns in the long term. Though the risk may persist in investing in the stocks due to changing market dynamics, investments in crypto and US stocks will let savings grow over time.

But, this will happen to those who pick the right company and buy profitable shares at the right time.

Then, here is my question. Who will guide people to invest in the best fractional shares at $0 commission?

Investment mobile applications will offer commission-free investing and encrypted banking services to users. They guide the users through invest and sell the stocks in real-time and make them smart investors.

#The best investment apps for android & iOS/iPhone will keep the financial life of the users on the perfect track. They allow them to invest little and save big over time. Trending investment mobile apps help users to buy or sell stocks in real-time and monitor trading performance on a dashboard view.

In this article, we have given a list of the best investment or finance apps in 2022. If you plan to develop investment apps, you can happily create a clone to the below apps. Or, approach HYENA with all investment app development project requirements, we create a unique and flawless investment app. Let’s Talk!

     Top 10 Investment Apps

    1. Cash App- Best Finance and investment app for Android and iOS

    Cash App allows users to buy stock in companies that they want to invest in. It is a famous and most downloaded finance and investment app in the USA and the UK. Of total 50 million downloads, nearly 36 million active users have drawn from these markets.

    Here are the few benefits of downloading on-demand investment apps like Cash App-

    • Send or receive money instantly
    • Users can buy, sell, deposit, and withdraw Bitcoin
    • An easy way to buy or sell commission-free stocks
    • Easy to link bank accounts for banking and trading. Purposes
    • App’s Touch ID or Face ID features protect payments and investments
    • A customizable visa debit card or cash card feature helps the users to pay online or in-store purchases right away from the app
    • Easy to buy stocks in top US companies with $1 investments and zero-commission
    • Users can pay bills directly using Cash App wallet
    • Offers instant discounts called Cash Boosts for saving big

    App Availability: Android and iOS
    App Rating: 4.6 out of
    Number of downloads: 50,000,000+ 

    1. Robinhood- Best Investment App For Commission-free Investing & Trading

    Robinhood investment and finance app was launched in 2015 by Robinhood Markets, an American financial services company. Here are the significant features and benefits of the USA’s popular investment app like Robinhood are:

    • Trading tools: for giving the best investment solutions to new and experienced investors.
    • Users can manage bills, paychecks, and expenses all from the application
    • Users can invest in stocks, funds, options, and crypto
    • Robinhood Crypto feature for buying and selling cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE).
    • Enlisted with trusted and secured stocks where the users can invest with more confidence.
    • Offers an interest rate on the savings in the account.

    App Availability: Android and iOS
    App Rating: 3.9 out of 5
    App Installs: 10,000,000+ 

    1. E*TRADE- One Of The Best Investment Apps For Trading

    E*TRADE is one of the award-winning investment apps. It offers investing, banking, trading, stock market research, and more services. Users can invest in commission-free online US-listed stocks, ETFs, options, mutual funds trades, and much more with safe and simple clicks.

    The app’s banking features and functionalities with an easy-to-use interface help users in money remittance, cheque deposits, and other bill payments.

    The app’s dashboard allows users to seamless stream quotes, charts, and portfolios. Its LEARN feature provides quick access to stock market news, quotes, and learning content information for assisting beginners.

    Its set alerts and create watch lists feature sends notifications about the stocks information to the users.

    • App Availability: Android OS and iPhone OS
    • App Start Rating: 4.6/5
    • Downloads: 1,000,000+


    1. Invstr- A Popular Investment App For Investing in the US Stocks

    Invstr is a smart mobile app for investing and banking online at zero commissions. Its easy-to-use user interfaces and investing & finance education community features making it the best investment platform for beginners to get into the stock market.

    Besides banking and financing services, the app is integrated with a Fantasy Finance game feature. This gaming feature engages the users in managing $1 million virtual money and rewards real cash prizes to those who well-managed their virtual portfolio.

    Further, it allows the users to learn and boost investing tactics with Invstr Pro, Academy, podcasts, market blogs, and more from a community of proven investors.

    • App Availability: Android OS and iPhone OS
    • Average App Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5
    • Downloads: 100,000+


    1. Wealthbase- Best investment app for Money Management

    Wealthbase is another popular investment app for learning investment skills. It is designed for enthusiasts to learn about the stock market, cryptocurrencies, and investments.

    The app gives $100,000 virtual cash to the users for playing finance games and creating a portfolio of stocks, ETFs, or cryptos. The app’s virtual portfolio feature allows the users to track their stock performance and returns. This kind of investment apps improves investment skills and money management skills.

    • App Availability: Android OS and iPhone OS
    • Average App Star Rating: 4.6 out of 5
    • Downloads: 5,000+


    6. SoFi- One of the best finance apps for investment and trading

    SoFi is a free-to-download and commission-free investment app for beginners. Investors can start trading as low as $1. It allows users to experience thrilling categories of zero-commission trades of stocks, fractional shares, and ETFs. This cool feature of the SoFi mobile investment app is it supports cryptocurrency trading.

    On top of all, users can also get 0.25% attractive interest on their money in the account. Further, the SoFi investment app is also best used as a finance tracker and budget planner. Hence, users can keep an eye on their balance and monitor their credit scores.

    Since the app is designed for beginners, SoFi also disburses decent loans at low-interest rates and zero-processing fees on- request.

    Benefits of SoFi-like popular active investing app

    • Commission-free stock and ETF trades
    • Cryptocurrency trading
    • Availability of fractional shares
    • Free financial planning counseling

    App Availability: Android OS and iPhone OS
    Average App Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5
    Downloads: 1,000,000+

    7. Ally Mobile Banking and Investment App

    Ally is a leading finance app available for Windows, iOS, and Android. The app was developed by Ally Financial Company, headquartered in Detroit, Michigan. With a primary intention to give access to banking services 24*7 and let customers manage their accounts online conveniently, the company launched Ally Mobile App in 2012. 

    Features and Functionalities of mobile banking apps

    • Ally eCheck Deposit: for depositing cheque
    • Check account balances and transaction history
    • Instant Money Transfer between Ally Bank and other bank accounts
    • View or download account statements
    • Zelle® for paying US bank accounts
    • Ally Messenger for sending or receiving messages to the bank
    • Expenses charts and graphs for analyzing money savings
    • It Alley Invest for investing with no advisory fees
    • Best app for trading commission-free US stocks and ETFs
    • Mutual fund trades at $9.95 commission fee.
    • Find nearest ATMs by switching mobile’s GPS and many more

    App Availability: Android and iPhone operating systems
    App Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5
    Number Of Installs: Over one million

    8. Acorns- An App for the best hands-off investing experience

    Acorns is an American FinTech services company based in California. With a community of leading investors, from Blackrock to CNBC, the company has acquired brand credibility and is trusted by over 8 million people.

    Advantages of an app like Acorns or investing spare change

    • Automatic Round-Ups™ for aquatically investing in popular ETF portfolios
    • SEP, Traditional, & Roth plans to get returns in the future
    • UTMA/UGMA investment account for investing in ETF portfolios automatically
    • Attractive rewards and thrilling referral bonuses
    • Availability of custom financial information to improve investing strategies

    App Availability: Android and iPhone operating systems
    App Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5
    Number Of Installs: Over 5 million

    9. TD Ameritrade App for Zero-commission trading

    TD Ameritrade Mobile app boosts users’ confidence level in trading stocks, ETFs, and options. It is also a five-star rated mobile application for mutual funds. Here are the best unique features of the TD Ameritrade App:

    • Continuously track and trade stocks, options, and exchange-traded funds anytime on the go
    • No commissions for stocks or ETF trades
    • Mobile check deposit feature for quick depositing funds
    • Instant and hassle-free money remittance services
    • Face Unlock or fingerprint authentication for ensuring high-level security to money transfers and trades
    • Trade and investment content to gain more knowledge on investment tactics
    • Updates on latest stock news
    • Alerts and notifications help users get to know potential investment opportunities

    App Availability: Android and iOS
    App Star Rating: 3.4 out of 5
    Number Of Installs: Over one million

    10. Public- A reliable platform for active traders and young investors

    It’s a significant pretty good platform to use for investing in stocks and ETFs. The app has a community of experienced investors where beginners can chat and share their business views online. This would help them in learning more about investment strategies.

    Users are allowed to track and monitor which stocks have high demand in the market and plan their strategy accordingly to gain more returns.

    Benefits of Public Mobile Investment App

    • Commission-free investments in stocks
    • Accepts invest with as little as $1
    • Community of professional investors
    • Visibility of stocks in real-time
    • Users can see what stocks others invest in
    • Safety Labels to identify potential stocks
    • Quick online interaction with CEOs
    • Audio-only live shows on the investment market

    App Availability: Android and iOS
    App Star Rating: 4.5 out of 5
    Number Of Installs: 1,000,000+

    Get a free investment app development quote and catch up on the market opportunity!

     11. Stash- A personal finance app for beginners

    Stash is a leading American finance app available for both android and iOS users to download for free in Google Play and Apple App stores. Its low-cost investment methods allow beginners to develop a strong investment portfolio.

    Features and functionalities of Stash investment app

    • Automated investing tools help beginners invest in the right stocks
    • StashStockParty for getting free bonus stock
    • Users can invest in thousands of stocks and ETFs
    • Plans: Three investment plans ($1/month, $3 per month, and $9 per month) can make it easy and affordable to invest and build a portfolio.
    • Get rewards with stock in well-known brands.
    • Advice: provides personalized investing guidance & financial education on request
    • Users can create investment accounts to save big for the sake of kids

    App Availability: Android and iOS
    App Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5
    Number Of Installs: 5,000,000+

    Want to know the development cost of Stash-like top mobile investment app in the USA?

    Let’s Talk!

    These are the few best examples of investment apps in 2022. If your business was in the banking, finance, or trading sector, the development of investment apps like the above ensures a bright scope for your application in the future.

    Get the development cost of the popular investment or finance apps like Invstr, Robinhood, Cash App, and E*Trade?

      What Features Will Make Finance and Investment Apps So Popular?

      Mobile apps design, features, and functionalities decide the success rate of the app. Being one of the best investment and finance mobile apps development companies, Hyena suggests enterprises integrate the below features in their new finance apps to ensure a big hit across app stores.

      • Registration and login: It allows users to access the app’s content by login with a phone number and an email address.
      • Investor Account Management– It assists users in managing banking and trading accounts. It allows the users to edit, delete, or perform any changes to their accounts.
      • Stock search, filters, and sorting: This feature helps in searching for stocks in top companies and ensures a personalized user experience. Also, give flexibility to the users to customize their search by integrating the app with filters.
      • Real-time Tracking– For tracking and monitoring banking, finance, and trading performance in real-time
      • High Security for the user’s confidential data
      • Real-time Data Analytics and reports feature to provide a clear representation of account information in charts, percentages, and infographics to the users for quick analyzing the account performance
      • Money remittance feature: Make sure the investment app is integrated with a secure payment system. It helps the users in sending or receiving money through secured payment gateways.
      • Pay Bills: To manage and pay credit bills and others
      • Easy-to-withdraw feature: The investment applications should be integrated with this user-friendly feature to cash out investments and returns into linked bank accounts with ease.
      • Display investment option rankings: To show the successful investment options and help investors in making the best investment decision.
      • Push Notifications & Updates feature to sends alerts to the users about stocks, transactions, and investment opportunities.
      • Investment Recommendations: The best features that grab the user’s attention and assist them in investing in stocks that give high returns in the long term.


      Key Statistics Of Mobile Banking, Finance, and Investment Apps

      • The revenue from e-banking, e-finance, or online investment apps was approximately $693 billion in 2020
      • Out of ten smartphone users, six will prefer to download mobile finance app
      • 92% of smartphone users install banking apps to check their account balance and transaction history on-the-go
      • 46% of users are crazy towards investment apps to get smart reruns and increase their balance amount by 10-15%
      • The usage of banking and finance apps has doubled post-COVID-19.
      • Young investors or beginners has contributed to increased downloads of investment apps in 2020
      • Cryptocurrency exchanges and investment trading platforms generated billion business in 2020

      What Will Be The Future Of Finance & Investment Apps? 

      As of 2022 statistics, nearly 49% of the global population (approximately 3.8 billion people) has smartphones. Of which, 196 billion mobile apps from the Google Play Store and 42 billion mobile applications from the iOS app store were downloaded during the year.

      Along with chatting and entertainment apps, the research reports say that over 50% of smartphone users installing a finance app to well-manage their accounts. Most of them are more interested to download such apps that offer trading of stocks, options, and ETFs, and other best virtual investment services at no commission.

      This trend and vast app download numbers are attracting SMEs and MNCs to develop innovative mobile apps to stay in touch with their targeted audience. At the same time, increasing the switch to smartphone usage is also encouraging the growth of the mobile app development industry ever like before.

      If you are one of those who are geared to create a features-rich investment application, you are in the right zone!

      Hyena, the #best mobile apps development services provider in the USA, is the right apps development partner to bring your app idea into a full-fledged application. We are experts in android apps development, iOS apps development, and web application development.

      Our vast experience in the mobile apps development field encourages us to deliver a cutting-edge mobile application that meets your business objectives. Let’s discuss your project today!

      How Much Does It Cost To Build An Investment or Finance App?

      The cost of developing an investment mobile app will be around $40,000 to $110,000. But, the development cost of a finance app depends on features, platform, app type, app design, and complexity.

      However, the hourly rate of mobile app developers in the USA, India, and other markets also brings a change in final app development costs.

      Besides, the estimated cost of the finance or investment app development will also depend on the development time, team size, and location of the mobile app developers you choose.

      Do you have any investment app development ideas?

      Approach Hyena, a custom mobile apps development company, with your investment app development project requirements. We create a unique and flawless investment app that hits the app stores.

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