How To Get Investors For Funding Your Mobile App Idea?

How To Get Investors

A Guide For Startups: How To Get Investors For Funding Your Mobile App Idea?

Nowadays, organizations are more adoptive and focusing on investing in mobile applications that fuel their business performance and take their brand to new heights.

But, the trend of mobile apps never is stick to a single category. I mean to say that 2017 is a great year for Blockchain apps development, and 2018 is all about banking, finance, apps development. Whereas, the investors’ focus has been shifted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered healthcare apps development in 2020.

And, in 2021, the companies focused on integrating Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) concepts in real-estate and shopping mobile apps. They believe that AR/VR mobile apps with motion tracking, 3D virtual tour, and other digital features will enable a convenient user experience and app personalization.

Similarly, the demand and investments of educational apps during lockdowns are higher, and another hit during the year. According to market research specialists, the global e-learning industry is expected to exceed USD 243 billion by 2022. This trend in this COVID season will reach peak levels in the years ahead, and there is no doubt about it.

Proven Ways To Get Funds To Your App

  1. Identify App’s Niche

Smartphones are weapons for businesses to promote their products, services, and brand name through applications. So, 95% of enterprises have already developed diversified mobile apps for multiple purposes.

Though Google Play and Apple App stores have been overwhelmed with millions of identical applications, an app with a good user rating and useful features will only be downloaded and generate you money.

Hence, initially, you should know your business niche and what services your app will deliver to make it a successful app. This analysis will also help you identify the target audience and address a resourceful solution to them.

You cannot attract investors by just giving a PPT of your app idea. Mobile app investors also look for details of your target audience and mobile usage statistics of your audience by gender and age. This data would draw investors’ attention, depicts your confidence level in your business app success, and finally, help you get app funding.

So, before searching for investors, you must know your competitors, risks factors, app features, how your app gives a solution to the targeted audience, and how it will stand out among other apps in the same service genre.

If you have answers for all the above queries in your hand, getting funds for your app idea will not be a challenging task.

  1. Branding App Idea

Yes, branding gives life to your app idea. Digital promotion of your project idea with logo, domain, features, and benefits across social media platforms or crowdfunding platforms will help in grabbing investor attention. This branding strategy helps an investor to know more about your app rather than just listening to the idea.

Moreover, putting your app idea on the best crowdfunding platforms like AppStori, Indiegogo, AppBackr, and many more is the best approach for reaching app funding goals.

The investors and experts listed over the crowdfunding platforms will suggest if any changes are needed in your app idea. Or if they like your ideation in the first look, your app will be funded immediately for further development process.

Be it real estate, healthcare, or FinTech, app branding helps startups explain well and let investors understand your app objectives with ease.

  1. Funds Through Own Site

Yes, along with raising funds through third-party websites, you can also raise investment from your website.  If you have plans of putting app ideas on crowdfunding like websites, you should pay huge fees in return to investors for the amount that they fund in your app.

But, branding in own site will surely eliminate thus the burden of painful return fees. What all you need to do is:

  • Define your app idea on your website and grab the attention of web visitors
  • Request your readers or visitors for funds
  • Give clarity to them on what you are going to give in return to investors like monetary compensation upon app commencement into the market or gift cards
  • Ensure your website has an easy-to-understand donation form with multiple payment processors for making the donation process smooth and secure.

This process helps you stay away from the crowded environment that one can experience in third-party funding platforms to get app funds.

  1. Advance Your Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch is nothing but the capability of explaining your app idea to potential investors in less than a minute.

Yes. You have to explain your app idea in such a way that the investors can understand and imagine their business growth in a fraction of a minute. So, advancing your practice in explaining the app concept in 30-60 seconds will help you nail your pitch.

You must be very clear of your app’s vision, app’s functionalities, app’s uniqueness, and need to be ready to answer questions that might be asked by an investor who gave you an appointment to discuss your app idea.

  1. Participate In Funding Competitions

In this digital environment, it is necessary to be proactive to remain competitive in the niche where you serve or where you are going to step your foot. Being a startup you should not leave even a single opportunity that raises funds for your app development.

Participation in funding contests is one of the best ways to get attractive investments for your mobile app development process. There are thousands of app funding contests conducted by tech giants and universities that offer various required resources to startups for kick-starting the development process.

So, participate, attract investors, and raise funds to turn your project idea into bespoke and a futuristic mobile app.

  1. Give A Demo With A Prototype

Creating a prototype for your future project assists you in explaining how your app will function. Rather than giving an oral speech about your app idea, giving a prototype presentation will engage investors.

The visual demonstration of the app’s functionality lets you entice potential investors or venture capital firms and get funding for your app idea.

These are a few best-proven ways for getting funds for your app idea.

Everything is well and good. Now, we will look over which kind of mobile app ideas are attracting investors to invest.

Here are a few best mobile apps development tips for startups to get investors to fund their apps.

 Mobile Apps Categories That Investors Like To Fund In 2021 and Beyond

  1. AR/VR or Blockchain-enabled Real Estate Apps Development

Mobile app investors are pretty much attractive to fund in real-estate mobile apps. Driven by increasing popularity, higher download rate, usage statistics, and spending time in real-estate apps, real estate app investment trends will witness a great future scope in the years ahead.

Moreover, in this advancing tech industry, the development of real estate mobile apps with a blend of Blockchain, AR/VR, and other secure and virtual technologies will help in getting funds and hit the app stores with ease.

So, if you have a real estate app idea that is backed up with Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and AR/VR technologies, it will be easier for you to raise funds.

The figure below depicts the type of real estate apps that are raising huge funds from tech investors.


type of real estate apps that are raising huge funds from tech investors


  1. AI and Machine Learning (ML) Based mHealth Apps Development. 

Downloads of custom mobile healthcare apps are also on the frontline in this current COVID season. Most people are interacting with healthcare professionals through apps online.

A few of the intelligent healthcare applications using the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are also playing a vital part in diagnosing life-threatening chronic disorders and providing valuable healthcare tips for users. Further, mHealth apps or telemedicine apps are also increasingly using by physicians to deliver remote healthcare services and optimize patient care.

These are all significant factors behind the high downloads of the best mobile healthcare apps. If you have such a healthcare app project idea with you, sure it will be funded and let your dreams come true with huge investments flow.

Here is the digital healthcare apps funding history for the past few years.


healthcare apps funding history


Get in Touch to know the development cost of AI mHealthcare App or digital healthcare solutions.

    1. AI-powered FinTech Apps Development

    Intelligent FinTech solutions are one of the popular mobile app types that are attracting technology investors to fund.

    Since 90% of businesses and individuals are using mobile apps for bill payments, money transfers, trading stocks, investments, and many other purposes, the FinTech industry is giving great opportunities for B2B or B2C banking or FinTech mobile apps.

    Such demand and craze of FinTech or banking apps are poised to be an instant hit to get funds for app development ideas. Moreover, AI-based FinTech app development idea is the best way to get more finance from investors since the technology has bright scope in the upcoming years.

    Here are the app funding values of the global FinTech apps funding:


    global FinTech apps funding

    Similarly, e-learning apps, manufacturing apps, and travel apps that use AI, ML, the Internet-of-Things (IoT), and Blockchain technologies can draw investors’ attention and huge investments will be expected to happen in app development projects that are designed for diversified business verticals.

    Wrapping Up

    Creating an app idea, developing an app, and making it a big success will eat up years and years for startups. It might be because of no proper app development guidance or no financial support for the development process.

    But, being an entrepreneur, always remember that analyzing strengths and weaknesses can create a space for getting opportunities.

    It’s the right time to create innovative mobile app ideas and plan its funding strategy by following the proven solutions discussed in this article.

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