How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Dubizzle?

How much does it cost to make an app like Dubizzle

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Dubizzle?

Cost of Developing Classified App Like Dubbizzle

There are various online shopping apps like Amazon, Walmart, and ShopShopMe where vendors can pitch their target audience and generate increased conversions. Users also can shop for favorite brands and get them delivered to their doorsteps.

On the other hand, we also have Classified Mobile Apps that allow businesses as well as customers to sell or buy products over a secured online platform. Unlike traditional online shopping applications or e-commerce apps, Classifieds apps are the best Business-to-Business (B2B), Business-To-Customers (B2C), and Customer-to-Customer (C2C) apps. It means that businesses and individuals can sell or buy their products smoothly.

Dubizzle is one such mobile application in Dubai that is the best online shopping platform for selling or buying fixed properties, home rentals, kitchen and home appliances, home/office furniture, garden accessories, electronics and mobiles, and many more.

Further, this trending marketplace application also allows users to check and book community services, such as event & entertainment management services, home maintenance services, restoration and repair services, and other services. Businesses can also run ad campaigns on online platforms to grab the attention of the targeted audience and increase sales conversions.

On top of all, one of the cool features of this UAE’s popular classifieds application for Android and iOS is that the job seekers can find jobs across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Fujairah, Sharjah, and other cities in the country.

Overall, Dubizzle is the best mobile app in Dubai to buy/rent a house, sell/buy a car, or find a job with ease. So, creating the Dubizzle clone app is the right and best decision for domestic and international companies that are located in the UAE. Organizations can host various products and service providers on a single platform and deliver top-notch experiences to their customers.

If you are looking ahead to Dubizzle clone app development and searching to hire the best custom mobile app development company, we are here. Being a top mobile app development company in the Dubai, UAE, we develop a unique classifieds app like Dubizzle.

Driven by our proven experience in online shopping app development, Hyena’s mobile app development experts create best-in-class e-commerce apps with the below features and functionalities.


How Did Dubizzle like Best Classifieds App In UAE Become Popular?

Dubizzle app is one of the biggest classifieds players and is operating as a leading brand for Emerging Markets Property Group (EMPG). Currently, EMPG is a parent organization for the top 10 classifieds portals, including Bayut, OLX, Mubawab, Kaidee, and, etc. On overage, these go-to classifieds apps are generating cumulative monthly visits of around 217 million.

What made Dubizzle and Group achieve such a big user number?

The ultimate answer is the features, functionalities, and unique services of Dubizzle making it a popular classified app in Dubai, UAE.

Yes. Here are the features and functionalities of the Dubbizle application. If you are planning to create a similar app like Dubizzle, you must add the below features to get featured on app stores as quickly as possible.

Top Features & Functionalities Of Dubizzle Like A Popular Online Marketplace app in the UAE

Take a look at the few key features of the Dubizzle Android/iOS app

  • Quick App Accessibility Through Social Logins

The Dubizzle-like bespoke mobile app allows users to access the application using their social IDs. After installation, the user can enter Facebook or Gmail IDs to quickly login into the application and access the features. Such a simple login process is the primary reason for over 5,000,000 downloads yet to date just from Google Play Store.

  • A Range Of Products Categories

A leading Classifieds app in the Dubai, UAE, like Dubizzle, is hosting nearly 200,000 used products and 25,000 new cars for sales in the UAE. The app also allows people to choose 20,000 homes and buy one as their preferences from 1000+ trusted agents.

Here are the top categories on the Dubizzle app:

  • Property for sale
  • Property for rent
  • Rooms for rent
  • Motors: Sell your car, Used Cars for sale, Trucks & Buses like heavy vehicle sales, Auto accessories and parts, etc.
  • Furniture and Garden
  • Mobiles and Tablets
  • Classifieds, such as marketing of home furniture, home appliances, electronics, clothing and accessories, and many more
  • Community Services
  • Jobs

Like these, Dubizzle is a one-stop solution for all personal and professional needs. Development of Dubizzle-like the best e-commerce portal is beneficial to target a wide range of audiences and generate huge sales.

So, if you go ahead with the development of a similar app like Dubizzle, add as many categories as possible and go beyond the services offered by Dubizzle for making your application unique.


  • Facility To Buy/Sell/Rent Homes/Villas/Apartments

Unlike other online shopping apps, Dubizzle-like a top e-commerce app in the UAE allows users to rent a house/villa or sell their apartments at the best price instantly. Such a wonderful application right. People can buy home essentials and also find homes online in their nearby locations without roaming on roads for days.

Hence, if you are in plan to build a Dubizzle clone application for Android or iOS don’t forget to add this feature to cover a diversified audience base.

  • Easy to Understand Landing Page Design

The design of user interfaces of a mobile app will decide customer satisfaction and conversion rates. Dubizzle has a simple User interface with a grid view on top of the landing page letting users easily click on service categories and access the products.

Being the best iPhone and Android App Development Company in Dubai, UAE, Hyena’s app designers in Dubai creates attractive UX/UI designs and creates truly engaging and interactive native apps.

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    • A Step Ahead Of Unemployment

    Dubizzle is one of the best iPhone apps in the UAE which allows job seekers to upload their resumes and apply for jobs available on the portal. It is a unique feature of Dubizzle like an e-commerce app and a step towards eradicating unemployment in the country. This feature will attract students and increases the number of app downloads.

    • In-app Chat

    Marketplace apps with an in-app chat facility are a pretty good approach for better interacting with customers. This feature helps brands to stay in connection with their customers when they need them. It is a collaborative feature that increases the reliability of your brand services.

    • Profile Management

    It is a user-friendly feature that helps users to manage their profiles. Users can view their orders, account details, and choose their preferred languages for smooth accessing the application features.

    • In-app payments

    Online shopping apps with flexible in-app payments or online payments are an appreciable way to ensure high-level user convenience. It helps users to pay in multiple modes as they prefer, optimizes app personalization, and improves user experiences.

    • Live Tracking Facility

    Dubai’s online shopping apps like Dubizzle let their customers track the status of online orders. It is very much helpful for buyers to track the live location of their orders with ease.

    These are a few basic features of e-commerce apps or classifieds apps.

    How Much Does It Cost To Make An App Like Dubizzle?

    Estimation of the cost of creating a similar app like Dubizzle is a quite complex process since it has evolved with a big concept. The development cost of a Classifieds app like Dubizzle depends on many factors like UX/UI design, features, app development platform, location of app developers, native or hybrid or cross-platform type, and so on.

    Dubizzle-like app development cost will also depend on support and maintenance charges that app developers quotes for you. Being the best custom mobile app development company in Dubai, UAE, offers top-notch app development services at around $15,000 to $50,000.

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