How Much Does It Cost To Develop Meesho Like Mobile App?

Cost To Develop Meesho Like Mobile App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Meesho Like Mobile App?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Reseller App like Meesho?

The outbreak of COVID in 2019 has threatened sales and hampered the count of direct visits to shopping malls. But, popular online shopping apps like Meesho in India are helping retailers, brands, and entrepreneurs to earn money without the requirement for inventory management and investments.

Now, Meesho is a buzz in the online shopping market in India. It is now the number #1 reselling platform trusted by 1 Crore+ Indian Resellers (who are earing INR 25,000 per month from the app. According to Meesho Company, it has generated nearly INR 80 Crore from in-app sales.

The primary reason behind the stunning business results of Meesho is that it offers all products at the lowest prices without compromising in maintaining quality. Further, a move towards online shopping is another reason for higher downloads of Meesho-like best online shopping app for Android and iOS in India.

This mobile e-commerce application brings Wholesalers, retailers, and customers into a single platform. The platform is offering enormous opportunities for people to become successful entrepreneurs.

As discussed, as of 2021, nearly 10 million resellers were dependent on the Meesho e-commerce application to create profitable revenues for them.

Reseller mobile apps like Meesho allow people to browse, share products and earn once they get orders. Resellers can offer their customers approximately 5 million top-quality products across 650+ categories and get the best profit margin on every sale.

Such a simple revenue-generating procedure of Meesho is grabbing the attention of Indian customers or resellers.

Again lockdowns have been imposed by state governments in India due to the quick spread of Covid-19 third wave Omicron. So, this is the right time for businesses to come with the Meesho-like trending online marketplace app to generate continuous revenues even in these typical Omicron times.

If you are looking ahead to developing a Meesho-like trending e-commerce app, this article will help you out. It gives you a brief knowledge on what features will ensure success to your clone app and how much it will cost for Meesho-like the most popular online shopping app for android/iOS in 2022.


Features and Functionalities That Spice Up Meesho Clone App

Must-have Features For User-panel Development

Here are the must-have features of an online shopping app for improving user experiences and app personalization.

  • Simple Registration or Login Form for ensuring hassle-free login and optimizing app accessibility
  • User Account: Adding this element into your new Meesho-like digital shopping app allows app users to view their profile details, such as a list of products they shared, credits they have earned, etc.
  • High-level user authentication for not allowing an intruder to access user accounts
  • Customized Search Filters for finding desired products in seconds from a pool of millions of product categories
  • Microphone and Camera Integration: It will make your users’ search easier and faster.
  • Product categories on top will help your app audience click on specific categories like clothing, accessories, footwear, beauty products, etc., with ease.
  • Product brochures allow businesses to upload product descriptions and let their users know more about product details.
  • Shopping Cart allows buyers to add products into their cart and proceed for check out and final payments.
  • Multiple payment modes allow your audience to pay for the products conveniently through various payment modes, like credit/debit card payments, Net banking, Cash On Delivery (COD), BHIM/UPI payments, or e-wallet payment flexibility.
  • Tracking Shipment is a user-friendly feature that any e-commerce or mobile marketplace app developer should never forget to add to the application. It helps your app users track the delivery status of the parcel they ordered.
  • Reviews and Ratings help you take feedback from users and assist new users in knowing the quality of products they are going to purchase.
  • Push Notifications- To notify the users regarding products in their cart, new arrivals, exclusive discounts, etc. So, integration of push notifications feature.
  • Flexibility to switch between Hindi or English languages ensures higher access to people across all regions in India.
  • Refer & Earn programs for attracting more users and increasing app download rate
  • Integration of the Return or Refund feature creates trust among your app users. 

Significant Features For Reseller-Panel Or Vendor Module Development

The features for resellers and customers are almost similar. The mobile app development companies must integrate the reseller panel with more collaborative features to make their online business convenient and secure. Here are a few best features of an online shopping app for business purposes.

  • Log In and Account Creation
  • Products Management
  • Products Sharing on online communication groups.
  • Order Management
  • Delivery Tracking for knowing delivery status to the customer’s locations
  • Bank Account Linkup for automatically getting commissions or profit margins in accounts
  • The customer feedback feature will build trust in your services or products.
  • Push Notifications help vendors to know the delivery status, and
  • Return or Refund facility enables resellers to opt for return in case their customers dislike the products for any reason. 

Meesho-like On-demand Online Shopping App Features For Admin Panel

  • User or Reseller profile management
  • Account authentication through OTP
  • Profit margin remittance management
  • Uploading new products
  • Order Management
  • Offers and discounts management
  • Return or Refund management
  • Dashboard to view sales reports and analytics 

Technology Stack Used for Meesho-like app development for Android and iPhone.

Programming languages, tools, User Interface (UI) design frameworks will play an essential role in making your application efficient and successful. Meesho company has used the below tech stack for its online shopping app development. Here it is:

  • Android App Development: ReactiveX and Kotlin
  • Web App Development: React, Redux, Node Js, Django, and spring
  • Continuous Integration (CI)/Continuous Development (CD): Circleci and Codeship
  • Big Data: Kafka, Amazon Redshift
  • Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and MYSQL
  • Storage and Infrastructure: AWS, Azure, Kubernetes, and docker

Talk to Expert Mobile App Developers and know which tech stack is suitable for e-Commerce application development on Android and iOS platforms.


    How Much It Costs to Develop Reseller App like Meesho?

    The development cost of any mobile application for Android or iOS depends on its features and functionalities. Besides, the cost of Meesho-like reseller or mobile shopping app development depends on various other factors, including:

    1. App Platform (Android, iOS, or Windows)

    The cost of Meesho clone app development depends on the app platform you choose. Being the best mobile app development company, USM suggests that instead of native mobile app development, it would be profitable and cost-effective to develop cross-platform apps.

    1. User Interface Design of Mobile Apps

    Interactive app user interface or application design is like heart to mobile apps for grabbing user attention and improving the app experience. A simple and easy-to-understand app interface with gracious graphics and icons will make your application more engaging and attractive.

    Never think like Simple UI will be inexpensive, and apps with complex UI design are expensive. Android and iPhone app developers will only focus on creating collaborative interfaces that provide quick access to app features.

    1. Mobile App Development Team Location and Size

    The cost of Meesho-like online shopping app development on Android or iPhone platforms depends on the location of native or hybrid mobile app developers (India) you hire.

    Moreover, the Meesho clone app development cost also depends on the team size of the app developer you hire. A mobile app development agency should have Project Managers, Android App Developers, iOS app developers, Native or hybrid app UI/UX Designer, Quality Assurance Analysts, and Tester. If the mobile application development company you hire has a skill gap in their mobile app development team, it will put extra costs burden on you.

    Hyena, a top mobile app development company (India, USA), has a team of professional mobile app developers, mobile app designers, and a testing team. We, bring the leading native mobile app developer in India, offer end-to-end app development services, including app ideation, requirement analysis, UI/UX design, app development, app deployment, and maintenance & support services.

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