How Much Does It Cost To Develop GoJek Clone App?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop GoJek Clone App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop GoJek Clone App?

What would you prefer to go with single-service specific app development or multi-service delivery app development?

If you are a creative business mind, you will go for multi-service application development.

What will happen if your brand is pitching online business and targeting a diversified audience base through a single mobile app platform?

You can’t imagine how much credibility and audience base you can attract by investing in multi-service mobile apps.

Today, in this article, we would like to discuss the features and development costs of GoJeK a leading on-demand multi-service delivery app. Cloning the GoJek application is a brilliant way to extend your brand and reach a broader range of audiences. 

Overview Of A Popular On-demand Delivery Service- GoJek


GoJek is one of the best and leading Southeast Asia’s on-demand delivery mobile apps. It is providing hassle-free and convenient ride-hailing, food delivery, logistics/package/courier delivery, and online payments services.

A single app with these many on-demand delivery services will be a creative thought to be competitive in this digital sphere.

Since its inception in 2010, this top-rated and popular on-demand delivery app in Indonesia has been downloaded approximately 190 million times by Android and iOS users. It is offering nearly 20+ innovative online services to millions of customers across 50 cities in Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam Southeast Asian countries.

Nearly, 900,000 food merchants have been listed on the GoJek food delivery app. The company has collaborated with one million delivery agents to provide faster and more reliable services on time.

Other than an online food delivery service, GoJeK is one of the best online payment solutions for the Indonesian population. The app allows its users to select GoPay and make the transaction faster, easier, and safer. As of December 2021, the GoJek app has received over 100 million orders and payments through GoPay products are on hike.

A few of its cool features include GoRide, GoCar, GoBluebird, GoSend, GoBox, GoTransit, GoFood, GoPay, etc.

If you are planning to expose your brand name on a global scale through GoJek’s similar delivery service app development, you must know what features of GoJek are grabbing the user’s attention in Indonesia and other operating locations.

Here are the best features of GoJek that you must add to its clone app to feature on app stores quickly.

Features and Functionalities Of Number #1 Online Delivery App Like GoJek

Since the GoJek app offers a range of diversified on-demand delivery services like food delivery, courier delivery, ride booking, grocery delivery, medicine delivery, doctor booking, and package delivery, the section of features for developing its clone should be very intelligent.

From designing simple, easy-to-use, easy-to-understand, interactive, and collaborative UX/UI to every feature that should engage the app users. Here are the key features that you must add to your GoJek clone app.

  • Simple design
  • Quick registration and login
  • Social media login access
  • Profile management
  • Easy to navigate and use a landing page
  • Simple to understand icons that allow users to easily book rides, order food, groceries, medicines, and other services
  • Multi-language compatibility for improved personalized experiences
  • Live location tracking facility
  • Discounts and deals
  • Multiple payment modes
  • Push notifications

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    How Much Does It Cost To Build GoJek Clone App?

    The development of a trending multi-service delivery app like GoJek with primary features will cost around $20,000 to $70,000.

    However, integration of advanced features, app functionality, UX/UI design, number of iterations of Quality Testing, and third-party API integrations (like payment gateways, e-wallets, and Google map) will decide the overall cost of GoJek clone app development.

    Further, the cost of the most popular on-demand multi-service GoJek clone app development will also depend on business models, technology stack, location, team size, and hourly rate of mobile app development companies in Indonesia and other global markets.

    All these aspects will decide the final cost to build GoJek like a mobile app for Android or iOS/iPhone. Being the best custom mobile app development company, will create full-fledged mobile apps at an affordable budget.

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      Is GoJek Clone App Development Good Business Idea To Stay Competitive? 

      Here are the primary reasons why GoJek clone app development is a good idea for remaining on top of the online business world.

      • The development of multi-service delivery applications is a cost-effective solution for businesses.
      • Offering multiple online delivery services through a single app consumes less space in user devices and improves app downloads, installations, and conversions.
      • Multi-service platforms are the first choice of users and this will ensure the brand extension.
      • Offering discounts, deals, and discounts on orders will grab the attention of users.
      • The simple UI and UX design of GoJek with better organized service-specific buttons will help users to navigate through the application without hassle.
      • GoJek clone application development with flexible online payment or e-wallet functionalities will help businesses offer their users a convenient mode of payment services.
      • Businesses can generate increased sales from multiple resources as the GoJek application offers multiple services.
      • Organizations or app developers can generate revenues from in-app advertising or other monetization strategies.

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        How Can Businesses Make Money From Apps Like GoJek?

        Selection of the right app monetization strategy is a crucial phase for businesses to create extra revenues from GoJek like on-demand delivery software solutions.

        • Commissions from food delivery and other service providers for listing their operations and services on your online ordering and delivery platform
        • Create revenues from GoJek by promoting or featuring products and services of businesses
        • Charge commissions on orders
        • Create subscription models and ask customers to pay for accessing a few advanced features and functionalities of your GoJek-like Android app
        • Delivery commissions from customers

        These app monetization strategies play a key role in creating bonus revenues from your regular online delivery business.

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        Wrapping Up

        GoJek clone app development is an investor-friendly thought. Yes. GoJek clone app development is a pretty good business idea and profitable because instead of developing multiple apps for different services, a multi-service delivery app lets you explore a wide range of opportunities.

        If you looking to hire the best app development company for GoJek clone app development, then get in touch with us!


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