How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Cryptocurrency App Like WazirX?

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Cryptocurrency App Like WazirX

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Cryptocurrency App Like WazirX?

The craze for Cryptocurrency mobile apps is going viral around the world. Since the introduction of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin (BTC), the investors (experts and beginners) have been multiplying their investments and enjoying the flavor of digital currency profits.

From trading to payments, cryptocurrency exchange apps help users in many ways. They are best to buy, sell, or trade Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple currencies and to make digital payments.

Are you looking to build a popular cryptocurrency app WazirX?

This article will give you a detailed guide on the features, functionalities, and development costs of India’s top Bitcoin exchange app, WazirX.

About WazirX- The Best Cryptocurrency Exchange App

WazirX is the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange app for Android and iPhone. It is a most trending Bitcoin exchange app in India. Being one of the biggest crypto apps in India, WazirX has over 10 million active users in the country. The people craze to fund in Bitcoin and other cryptos is creating a positive environment for the massive growth of WazirX-like popular bitcoin exchange app.

WazirX facilitates investors to buy, sell, & trade Bitcoin, Shiba Inu (SHIB), Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies in India comfortable and conveniently. Over 250+ cryptocurrencies are available for users to buy, sell, or trade across digital mediums.

This popular digital currency exchange app with high-level security, rocket speed KYC process, and capability to handle millions of virtual transactions at jet speed has become a Number #1 bitcoin exchange application in India.

Further, its simple and user-friendly application design and availability across 5 different platforms (web, Android, iOS mobile, Windows, and macOS) are two salient features for reporting an increased number of active user count every day.

WazirX has reported 4/5 star rating from Android users and 4.2/5 star rating from iPhone app users.



Would you like to clone WazirX like the most downloaded iOS app for crypto trading?

Features & Functionalities Of Top-Rated Crypto Exchange Apps Like WazirX

WazirX is a leading Indian Cryptocurrency exchange application for Android and iOS. User-friendly features and functionalities are the primary reasons behind the big success of WazirX.

On the other side, if you are looking to develop a WazirX clone app, the cost will depend on the features you integrate. However, you must create a cryptocurrency app with more advanced and modern AI features to remain competitive in this clone app world.  

Must-Have Cryptocurrency App Features For User Panel Development

Here are a few significant features that you must add while WazirX clone app development to ensure smooth and hassle-free access to your users.

  • Quick Sign-Up

Modern crypto exchange platforms like WazirX and Coinbase are offering simple register and login processes to app users. Users can access the application with ease by giving their email and mobile number.

WazirX-like trending SHIB trading app is also facilitating users to log in through social accounts, such as Facebook and Gmail. This strategy will ensure quick access to the features.

  • User Account

Best cryptocurrency apps like WazirX are designed and developed with the User Profile feature. This feature helps users to maintain a profile where they can view their investment portfolio and other personal credentials.

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    • View Crypto Portfolio

    It is one of the best features of the WazirX-like popular cryptocurrency exchange application (Android and iPhone). Users can track their crypto assets and other recommended options to trade or buy digital currencies in a single dashboard view.

    This feature will assist investors in analyzing the growth of their investments and also helps in making the right investment decisions.

    • Instant and Safe Payments

    If you are developing WazirX clone apps, make sure to provide secure payment modes to your app users. If your app offer firewall protection to the user’s transactions, it will be easy for your brand and application to grab attention in the app stores.

    WazirX-like most downloaded cryptocurrency trading app in India, ensures faster, easier, and encrypted payment options. Users can deposit amount in local currencies, convert them at the best rate, and easily buy/sell cryptos instantly by gently swiping on their devices on-the-go.

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    • Easy Currency Exchange Facility

    The key role of cryptocurrency exchange platforms is Currency Conversion. Crypto apps needs to be designed and developed with currency exchange feature. It will allow your app users to convert currencies and make investments faster. It is the key feature and functionality of crypto exchange applications.

    WazirX Android app and iOS application are developed with this user-friendly feature and seizing the attention of millions of users. It will also let users’ buy/sell/trade currencies at the best investment rates.

    • Wallet Integration

    Integration of e-wallets in cryptocurrency apps is a user-engaging step of the best mobile application development companies in India and the USA. Top custom mobile app developers only can add e-wallet-like advanced features and functionalities to your crypto apps.       

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    • Collaborative User Interface

    The interactive and simple UI/UX design of cryptocurrency applications will easily navigate the users and let them access features seamlessly. An eye-catchy interface will reduce the complexity level and deliver the best user experiences.

    While creating a WazirX-like clone app, make sure to design a simple UI that gives instant access to transaction history (including deposits and withdrawals), best investment options, profile view, and many more. It will improve the app’s richness in visibility and performance.

    • QR Code Scanning Facility

    Yes. It is an advanced feature that enhances the quality and uniqueness of your cryptocurrency application. QR code scanner will allow your users to make their online payments or wallet fillings easier and faster.

    • View Transaction History

    It is one of the best and must-have features of cryptocurrency exchange applications. WazirX has this feature. It allows users to view their transaction details at any time from anywhere. Users can also view the available balance limit with simple clicks on the screen. WazirX clone app development without this user-friendly balance check feature is useless.

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    • Push Notifications

    Push notifications are a feature that improves the unlock rates of your applications. Sending push notifications in real-time about the best investment deals, trade opportunities, and attractive stock prices will help your users to stay on top of the best deals.

    • Quick Logout

    It is an optional feature but improves user personalization level. This feature will allow your users to log out from the application whenever they want. Crypto exchange apps for Android or iOS will lock the application once the user exits its interface.

    Must-Have Admin Features Of WazirX-like Cryptocurrency Mobile App

     The development of admin panel with the most vital features is a key step for mobile app development companies to create a robust and flawless crypto application for Android and iOS.


    • Content Management

    Managing catchy and user-engaging content in crypto apps is the core task of admins. It will help users in getting the most updated information on digital currencies and their current prices. Admin has to perform frequent content analysis and update the privacy policies terms and conditions and keeps the application up-to-date as per government norms.

    • Two Way Authentication

    WazirX-like best cryptocurrency apps in India are developed with two-factor authentication capabilities. It means users’ identities will be cross-checked twice. Users have to verify their identity during the login time and also need to answer a security question before they access the application features.

    • Transaction Management

    Management of currency deposits, withdrawals, and balances have to be done in an encrypted manner. Admin will deserve all the rights to view the user’s transactions and verify identity for each transaction. It will ensure high security to the user’s account and prevents unauthorized access intelligently.

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    • Dashboard View

    Dashboard integration in cryptocurrency apps will help admins to easily view analytics and reports, including statistics, performance graphs, trending digital currency details, and many more. So, based on these analytics, admins can analyze the application status and its reach into the market.

    • Profile Management

    WazirX-like top cryptocurrency apps for iPhone and Android will allow admins to manage user profiles. For instance, if the user requests to change the password, the admin verifies the user identity and lets users perform necessary modifications to the account.   

    What Factors Will Impact The Cost Of Cryptocurrency App?

    The cost of WazirX-like popular cryptocurrency apps or digital currency exchange apps will depend on the features and functionalities that they have. Here are a few factors that impact the cost of bitcoin exchange apps.

    • Features and Functionalities

    Not only for cryptocurrency mobile apps, but the set of features and functionalities of any mobile app will decide its price. Integration of advanced features such as in-app crypto wallets, multi-level authentication layers, and QR scanning facilities might leads to extra costs. Hire the best native mobile app development companies that build a flawless app at the best price.

    • Application User Interface

    The cost of developing a clone of a popular cryptocurrency app like WazirX will depend on UI complexity. To reduce the burden of extra costs, go for simple yet attractive UI designs. It will not only save your budget, but also helps your audience in accessing application features with ease.

    • Location and Team Size

    The location of mobile app development company (USA, India, or UAE) will decides the cost of your crypto software solution. Being the best custom mobile app development company, we suggest companies to hire companies that charge a reasonable cost for cryptocurrency app development. 

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      • Technology Stack

      Further, the cost of bitcoin app development will also highly impacts based on the technology stack that the app developer selects. Building a crypto app on a single platform using desired technologies might cost less than the development of hybrid or cross-platform apps with AI and ML-like advanced technologies.

      Being the custom app development agency, we pick the right set of programming languages, tools, UI frameworks, and app integrations to deliver an interactive, collaborative, and bugs-free application.

      How Much Does It Cost For WazirX Clone App Development?

      Considering all the above cost-effecting factors, the cost of WazirX-like a trending cryptocurrency exchange app with primary features will be around $20,000 to $55,000. However, as we discussed, the hourly rate of app developers, business model, location, and team size will decide the final cost of your cryptocurrency application.

      If you load your app with an AI-driven in-app Chatbot feature or QR scanner-like advanced features, the development cost of the cryptocurrency app will exceed the estimated budget and reach over $120,000.

      Hyena, being one of the top-ranked mobile app development companies in the USA and India, develops best-in-class cryptocurrency apps with world-class features at an affordable budget.

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