How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Online Grocery Delivery App Like Weezy?

Cost To Develop An Online Grocery Delivery App Like Weezy

How Much Does IT Cost To Develop An Online Grocery Delivery App Like Weezy?

The online grocery delivery industry in the UK is witnessing tremendous growth and the demand and downloads of on-demand grocery delivery apps for Android are on hype in the country.

According to market research reports, in 2021, nearly 55% of the UK’s population used Weezy-like trending online grocery shopping apps. One of the primary reasons for such huge demand for grocery apps is they provide easier access to find nearby supermarkets, order fresh groceries, hassle-free payment methods, and fast delivery at doorsteps.

Hence, online grocery shopping in the United Kingdom (UK) is anticipated to create huge opportunities for supermarkets, stores, and organizations that are in the plan of developing grocery apps for Android.

If you are looking ahead to invest in online grocery delivery app development to target the UK market, this article helps you a lot. Today, we would like to talk about the features and functionalities of one of the most popular and most-downloaded London-based online delivery service apps-Weezy. Development of the Weezy clone app will let you easily reach out to a wider audience base in the UK. Let’s take a glance at the Weezy mobile app.

A Glace At Weezy App

Weezy is one of the largest on-demand grocery delivery apps in the UK. Though it is a newly released supermarket app, it is gaining popularity among others with its 15 minutes delivery concept. Yes, through a fleet of electric moped and bicycle couriers, the Weezy app delivers products within 15 minutes. The app is released on June 2020 but captured the market attention of over 100,000 UK’s population.

Users can select products from thousands of brands and order fresh organic fruits, vegetables, kitchen essentials, spices, dairy products, instant or preserved food, frozen food items, alcohol and soft drinks, meat, over-the-counter drugs, and much more conveniently. Users can choose their favorite local supermarkets or stores and get products delivered to their doorsteps faster.

Weezy app developemnt cost

Currently, this popular UK grocery delivery is available in London, Manchester, Bristol, and Brighton locations.

Here are the top of features of Weezy-like popular on-demand grocery delivery app. If you are developing a Weezy clone app, you must integrate the below-listed features and functionalities to ensure transparent food or grocery ordering and delivery processes. 

Features That You Much Add To Develop A Similar App Like Weezy 

Supermarkets can digitize their sales operations through Grocery or food apps development. The development of Weezy-like a top food and grocery delivery app in the UK will enable supermarkets and local food hubs to create brand value and generate more sales.

As Weezy is a buzz in London’s on-demand grocery delivery industry, Custom Weezy clone development will surely offer you incredible business opportunities to extend brand credibility, reach out more targeted audience, and meet the needs of your audience within 15 minutes.

Let’s take a look at the UK’s top-ranked online Grocery Delivery App like Weezy.

  • Simple UI/UX Design

It is one of the first and foremost factors that will help your application to grab the attention of more users. Easy-to-access applications with simple registration, login, and landing pages attract the users and improve app experiences.

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  • Order Fresh Groceries 

Supermarkets and Grocery retailers can benefit from Weezy-like on-demand grocery mobile app development. Supermarkets can add as many product categories as they want and grab clutch sales opportunities in all aspects. Weezy-like apps allow app users to search, select, and order groceries, home essentials, and other care products from the nearest stores.

  • Order Food

Weezy-like leading grocery delivery application in the UK and London facilitates Android users to order fresh food produce, healthy snacks, chilled beverages, and ready-to-eat meals from restaurants or nearby food stores. One of the benefits of online food delivery apps like Weezy is the products will be arrived right away at the doorsteps of users within 15 minutes. 

  • In-app Map For Live Tracking 

The design and development of an on-demand Android delivery app without an integrated map solution is worthless. We mean to say that on-demand delivery applications must allow users to track their order location in real time. Weezy app is integrated with a Google map API for tracking the delivery agent’s location in real time.

Integration of location-tracking features and functionality in delivery apps will also navigate the riders toward the customer destination location seamlessly.

  • Display A wide network Of Supermarkets & Food Stores

If you are in plans of Weezy like leading on-demand supermarket app development, let your app users select their desired products from their favorite brands.

Weezy application hosted over 2,000 grocery and food products, brands, and supermarkets on its platform to make users’ grocery shopping more personalized. Implementing this strategy will increase the user base and optimize service credibility across operating locations.

  • Order Tracking Facility 

As we discussed above, Weezy-like popular custom mobile app for grocery delivery is developed with in-app map integrations for various tracking purposes. So, allow your app users to track their order’s location within the app.

  • Order History & Re-order Facility 

Add this feature for better visibility into previous orders. Weezy for Android allows users to view their past orders and facilitates re-order functionalities. This user-friendly feature will ensure quick access and enable users to repeat their favorite orders with a click.

  • Digital or Cash Payment Modes 

You can increase app personalization when you offer customer-friendly features and functionalities. Weezy-like trending delivery application in the UK is doing the same. It facilitates users to pay for their orders in multiple convenient and flexible payment modes, such as online banking, UPI payment, card payments, and cash on delivery options. Integration of multiple payment APIs will increase app quality and sales values.

Cost To Develop An App Like Weezy uk

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  • Virtual AI Chatbot Assistance

It is the most advanced feature that adds value to your new on-demand grocery application. This feature erases the need of typing the product’s name and instead allows users to order products using their voice. The benefits of adding intelligent Chatbot assistance features in delivery apps are incredible. They can also be used for brands to give virtual responses to users’ queries.

  • In-app Calling Or Chat Facility

Android online delivery apps should allow app users to call or chat with a delivery agent directly from the application. It will increase app reliability and let users know about their order status and give personalized recommendations about their orders and deliveries.

  • Exclusive Deals and Discounts

It is an added benefit to your application to create more revenue. Weezy offers attractive deals and exclusive discounts to users on shopping for groceries and food items. Since it is built using AI capabilities, the app also tracks user purchase patterns and sends more personalized product recommendations to them. Such recommendations will increase the app opening rate and improve sales.

  • Push Notifications

Adding a push notifications feature is the best way to better interact with existing or new customers directly from the app. Weezy app grabs the attention of its audience with this push notifications feature. It will assist brands in sending alerts to the users about deals, discounts, and offers and optimize app personalization and conversions.

Likewise, the best on-demand mobile delivery apps in the UK like Weezy were developed with a few features for better management of supermarkets, delivery agents, notifications, customers, orders, and offers.

The best mobile apps development companies like Hyena will build a custom delivery app with a set of user-friendly features.

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    How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Grocery App Like Weezy?

    It’s a challenge for mobile app development companies to estimate the cost of custom on-demand delivery applications as it depends on various factors. The development cost of the Weezy-like online grocery shopping app depends on design complexity, features list, platform type, and technologies and tools.

    Hire Hyena, the best mobile app development agency in the UK, UAE, USA, and India. We, being one of the top custom mobile app development companies, build tailored Android and iOS apps for the online delivery service industry. With a team of seasoned professionals, we deliver mobile software solutions that reach your digital expectations and drive business growth.

    Being the biggest delivery app developer in the UK, we estimate that the cost of an on-demand delivery application will range from $20,000 to $70,000. But, features, platform type, application type, technology stack, design, team size, and location of app developers will bring a drastic change in the final cost of mobile app development 



    On-demand grocery delivery app development is a trend and drives online profits of retailers, supermarkets, and food hubs to new heights. Organizations can streamline their operations and improve service access to the customers located across different locations.

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