How Much Does It Cost To Develop Upstox Like Online Stock Trading Mobile App?

Cost To Develop Upstox Like Online Stock Trading Mobile App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Upstox Like Online Stock Trading Mobile App?

Investing in stocks is a dicey task because the chances of either earning profits or losing your investments be equal. But online trading apps or stock market apps will give you valuable insights into profitable stocks and help investors grab trading opportunities.

Investment apps help investors to invest, buy, and sell Stocks, Options, IPOs, Mutual Funds, F&Os all through from their mobile with higher profits and lower risks. Upstox- Indian largest online stocks trading app, will come into this category.

Let’s take a minute view on overview of Upstox application!

What Is Upstox App?

Upstox mobile trading app is offered by Upstox Company. This digital trading platform is developed with a vision to assist people in investing in the right financial assets at the right time.

Upstox allows investors to buy stocks with ease at low prices and sell them at higher profits. Its investor-friendly features, like giving updates on stock market opportunities, instant funds borrowing facility, and many more, are the core reasons for its popularity in India.

This popular digital trading platform in India offers high-level security, a faster KYC process, and transfers funds at high speed. All this made the Upstox application as one of the fastest-growing online trading applications for Android and iOS in India.

Since its release on September 2021 to till date, Upstox has generated a billion businesses and has over 5 million downloads, and got a 4.4/5 star rating from users. So, the Upstox-like online stocks trading mobile app development will ensure profitable results for FinTech companies.

Are you looking to develop a popular online stock trading app like Upstox?

Here are a few features and functionalities that you must add to your new trading mobile apps.

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 Features & Functionalities Of Top Stocks Trading App Like Upstox

Must-Have Features For User Panel Development

  • User-friendly App Design

Upstox’s simple and easy-to-use interface is better engaging users across Android and iOS platforms. Its salient features are primary sources for an increasing number of downloads every day.

  • Quick Login

Here is another important feature to grab the attention of users. Simple registration and login processes enable users to access the application content faster. Upstox-like India’s largest online stocks trading app facilitates its users to log in using google accounts and ensures quick access to the features.

  • User Account

Adding this feature in trading apps allows users to better manage their profiles and track investments in their portfolio in simple clicks.

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    • Quick KYC Process

    We all know the significance of Demat accounts for holding financial securities in a digital form. Demat accounts play a key role in trading stocks or shares in the Indian share market. Users of Upstox can open a Demat & Trading account by just uploading PAN, Aadhaar, and eSign documents. Such a simple KYC process makes online account opening smooth and faster.

    • Useful Insights

    Not every stock trading mobile app or investment app have this feature. Using the power of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Predictive Analytics, Upstox analyzes the market trends and delivers reliable insights. These valuable insights will assist investors in making the right investment decisions and discovering trade opportunities.

    • E-Wallet Integration

    Adding e-wallets or multiple payment options makes trading apps more user-friendly. Upstox-like the best Android/iOS trading application in India has this feature to allow its users quickly deposit funds to their linked bank accounts and buy stocks at the best price.     

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    • Instant Price Alerts

    It is one of the best features of Upstox’s mobile trading application. Based on NIFTY and Sensex trends, Upstox’s data analysis tools predicts the price and sends instant notifications to the investors. Such updates are very precious for investors to conclude their investment decisions faster and easier.

    • Transaction Details View

    It is one of the must-have features of Android and iOS trading apps in India. Upstox facilitates users to view their investment details on-the-go. They can check their registered bank balance and load funds if necessary.

    Upstox also allows users to view historical charts and trending stock market news from NSE, BSE & MCX. Hence, investors can view and stay up-to-date about stock market.

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    • Push Notifications

    Fintech companies or app developers can send real-time notifications to investors about the best investment deals, price alerts, trade opportunities, and many more. It will help investors stay on top of the best stock opportunities.


    Must-Have Admin Features Of Upstox-like Mobile Trading Application

     Mobile app development companies should focus on developing robust and connective elements for the admin panel. Here are a few must-have features that you must add to Upstox clone app development.

    • User Authentication & Verification Management

    Upstox-like top stocks trading apps in India will verify the user identity in multi-levels to ensure high-level security to the user profiles and prevent intruder attacks.

    • Investor Profile Management

    Management of investors registered from either iPhone or Android is mandatory for ensuring application security. This feature also helps admins to verify and validate the service requests received from the app users.

    • Content Management Tools

    Content always plays a key role in all types of mobile app development categories. Always, perform content analysis keep updated stock information in the app, update privacy and security policies if needed as per regularity authorities.

    • Investments Management

    This feature will help admins to display the best stocks and options for traders. Here, the admins can also display a crispy overview of stocks’ performance over the last week so that the investors can make quick decisions confidently.

    • Transaction Management

    Management of trade transactions needs to be encoded. This feature allows admins to monitor the user’s transactions and verify them to prevent fraudulent transactions.

    • Dashboard View

    Dashboard integration assists admins in viewing application performance and other reports analytics with ease. These analytics would be useful for evaluating the application’s credibility and its reach into the market.

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     How Much Does It Cost For Upstox Clone App Development?

    Being one of the best custom FinTech app development companies, Hyena estimate that the cost to build an online investment platform like Upstox will be ranged from $40,000 to $120,000. However, virtual transaction tracking, live content streaming, in-app support assistance, predictive capabilities, and many more will increase the estimated costs of app development but adds value to your FinTech application.

    Here are a few factors that impact the cost of FinTech apps-

    • Features List

    Stock market app developers that you hire will quote the application development costs based on your app requirements and features. The set of features and functionalities added in your app will decide its costs.

    • UI Complexity

    The cost of custom FinTech app development will depend on the complexity of the UI design. Reduce the complexity of app design and let your apps be designed with simple UI’s with a catchy structure. It makes your app easy to understand and easy-to-access to ease.

    • Developer’s Location & Team Size

    The location of the Mobile App Development Company will decide the application cost. For instance, hiring one of the top Fintech mobile app development companies in the USA will charge around $120-150 per hour and whereas the best custom mobile app development companies in India will take $75-$95 per hour.

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      • Technology Stack

      Further, the technology stack is also one of the factors that impact the development cost of Fintech apps like Upstox. Since the tools and UI frameworks are different from Android app development or iPhone app development, the cost too varies.

      • Application Type

      The cost of building a Fintech app on a single platform (Android and iPhone/iOS) varies from application development on multiple platforms. It means native app development costs and hybrid or cross-platform app development costs would be different. Hence, based on your target audience medium, choose the app platform confidently and reduce the cost burden.

      Hyena, one of the top-ranked mobile app development companies in the USA and India, develops best-in-class FinTech apps with user-friendly features within the budget limit.

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      Is It Profitable To Invest In Stock Trading App Development?

      As we said in the introduction part, stock trading apps are gaining popularity from investors all over the world. Youngsters and business professionals are crazy to trade stocks through apps. Since the Fintech apps are offering commission-free trading and helpful trade insights for free, the demand for stock trading apps (Android and iOS) is on the rise. To capitalize on these market trends, organizations are developing and implementing stock trading apps.

      Lower transaction fees, 0% charges on trade, lower investment risks, assured profits on stocks, instant price alerts, and insights into trade opportunities are all a few benefits of online stock trading platforms. The advantages of the E-trading system for companies and investors are equal. Companies can monetize their digital services, whereas investors can buy/sell stocks and options comfortably through investment apps.

      Since the demand for e-trading apps is high, the right time has arrived to invest in investment apps. Hire Hyena, the best FinTech mobile application development company, and build a flawless Fintech solution!



      Stock trading platforms are the best investment choices for FinTech companies. But, to make your application flawless, you need to choose the best top mobile app developers. The best mobile application development company can build digital trading solutions that offer higher RoI, improved user satisfaction, and optimized brand value.

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