Top Android App Development Trends That You Must Know

Top Android App Development Trends

Top Android App Development Trends That You Must Know

Rapid Growth Has Witnessed In Android Ecosystem

The Android mobile operating system is a widely accepted OS by the global population. It is estimated that over 2.5 billion smartphone users are using Android OS across 190 countries.

The Android ecosystems is dominating the global smartphone market share. Approximately 70% of global smartphone market share has been occupied by Android as of August 2022.

Android ecosystems

The above figure reflects the Android ecosystems across the global markets, except the US and UK. In these markets, the craze for iPhone devices is increasing and witnessing sharp growth in the iOS ecosystem.

The below figures depict the growth line of Android and iOS devices market share in the USA and UK.

Android Market Share In The USA Market:

Android Market Share In The USA MarketAndroid Market Share In The UK Market:

Android Market Share In The UK MarketOn average, the Android operating system is giving tough competition to the iPhone OS. It is creating a healthy economic curve for the manufacturers in terms of higher sales and mobile app development companies in terms of higher app downloads.

Now, let’s take a look at the Android Mobile App statistics.


Android Mobile Apps Usage and Downloads Statistics

The number of available mobile apps on the Google Play Store is 2.68 million. Of the total available apps, as per market research reports, approximately 142.4K Android apps store have grabbed the attention of users with their user-friendly features and acquired a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Coming to the mobile app downloads front, the downloads of mobile apps from Google Play Store and Apple App store are approximately 230 billion at the end of 2021. In total, 111.3 billion mobile apps have been downloaded from Google Play Store by android users. The Android OS has generated high download rates during the year.

This trend is encouraging mobile app development companies and organizations to launch Android mobile apps in the Google play store and reap the opportunities of rising market demand for Android mobile applications.

Here is the picture that reflects the rapid and continuous growth of available apps in the Google Play Store from 2009 to till yet.

growth of available apps in the Google Play Store

Since the use is growing, organizations across diversified industries are coming up with mobile apps and launching them in respective stores. The number of available Android apps number in the Google Play store is growing and creating a profitable path for Android app developers or companies.

Social media apps, online communication and chatting apps, and gaming and entertainment apps are majorly contributing to the hike in app usage value. The growth of downloads in leading categories is surpassing the sky limit.

Hence, in this mobile-first world and especially the Android world, Android mobile application development would be a golden strategy for businesses. Businesses can digitize customer service levels and improve end-user personalization.

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Then, you must know the top trends in Android application development. Multinational organizations, entrepreneurs, and mid-level companies who are looking forward to investing in Android mobile app development take a look at the latest Android app development trends discussed in the below session. 

The Latest Android App Development Trends That You Must Watch

Here are the top Android App Development trends:

  1. Android Instant Apps

Demand for Instant Service Delivery Apps will become one of the biggest android application development trends in the global mobile app development industry. Android apps that deliver on-demand services to users without downloading or installing on their smartphones are grabbing the attention of users. E-commerce apps are implementing this strategy in their Android apps.

For instance, when a user searches for a specific product on a Google browser or mobile browser, e-commerce players will display a specific product page with its information. So, the users can enter the application without installing the app on their devices and exit the session once they meet their needs.

  1. On-demand Android Applications

On-demand mobile applications like food delivery apps, cab booking apps, car rental apps, and medicines delivery apps have been in demand. The download rate of these types of Android apps is expected to create goosebumps for app developers and companies.

  1. Fintech Android Apps

The use of Blockchain technology in fintech and banking app development is anticipated to hike in the coming years ever like before. Highly secured and decentralized capabilities of blockchain will be implemented in banking app development for enduring high security and privacy to the users’ data.

Hence, Blockchain-enabled FinTech and Android banking apps will also be expected to create a buzz in the years ahead. The global mobile app development industry would create a healthy economic curve with FinTech app development projects.

  1. Android Navigation apps

Android navigation or route mapping app development is another significant trend in Android application development industry. To make the Android navigation applications more user-friendly, accurate, and crashes-free, mobile app development companies are using Android Jetpack libraries. Hence, Jetpack libraries will be on trend in the future for reducing memory leaks and enhancing application performance and privacy.

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  1. AI-powered Android Apps

Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot integration in Android apps will be a crazy trend. Integration of AI chatbots in Android apps will allow companies to deliver digital responses to app users automatically without human intervention. These type of AI features in Android apps will help to improve user personalization and enhance app experiences.

For instance, google assistant or in-app AI chatbot integration in apps will allow users to search through voice or text commands and get their issues clarified in seconds. This feature will add value to the application and help brands communicate with their audience digitally.

  1. IoT-powered Apps

It is a major mobile app development trend. Yes, if you are a healthcare service provider and looking ahead to offer a healthcare app for your patients, then you should not ignore the next-generation IoT technology. The IoT-based healthcare and fitness apps will gain momentum in the coming years.

The benefits of implementing Android apps are huge. Smart healthcare tracking apps, smart home automation device controlling apps, and IoT manufacturing apps will become essential applications in their respective niches.

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  1. AR and VR-powered Android Apps

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies are another popular trends for the future of Android App Development Industry. Mobile app developers are using AR/VR techniques and developing online shopping apps that deliver the best virtual experiences to app users.

Combining the latest AR technology, IKEA Place shopping app allows users to virtually place the products at their homes and make purchasing decisions faster. It is one of best examples of AR-powered Android apps.


Final Words

These are top Android application development trends. However, with the emergence of new mobile development technologies and developments in the existing cutting-edge technologies, the app development industry is expected to witness a change in the above list. But, undoubtedly, all the aforementioned latest trends in android app development will be stable in the coming years and ensures the best app experiences for the users.

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